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PCB copy board and chip information security war
PCB Tech
PCB copy board and chip information security war

PCB copy board and chip information security war


    Today, when information warfare and electronic warfare are constantly being played out, information security has become a worldwide problem. However, China's integrated circuit board chips are highly dependent on imports. Most of the chips used in government and civilian fields are foreign chips, even the military and military industries. Many of them use foreign chips, and the information in various fields is almost in a streaking situation. How to protect information security, IT equipment PCB copy board and on-board chip decryption will lead domestic products out of dependence and break through the core technical barriers.

    The localization of PCB copy boards has become the development trend of the IT industry

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    In recent years, after a series of international espionage incidents were exposed, going to "IOE" has become a popular slogan in the domestic IT industry. Therefore, PCB copying and localization of network equipment has become a trend. Due to the high threshold of foreign high-end technology, it is not so easy for independent innovation to realize localization. PCB copy board can quickly grasp the full set of technical information such as product PCB documents, Bom list, schematic diagram and so on through reverse analysis of the original product, thereby breaking Technical barriers, digestion and absorption lay the foundation for further localization development.

    PCB copy board also needs to include some on-board chip decryption

    But an industry insider has other concerns about this. He said that just PCB copy board is not enough. "The domestic server products with PCB copy board still use Intel chips, and the inside of the server is still foreign chips." So he said. , To establish a comprehensive national information security mechanism, it is difficult to rely on a single PCB copy board, it must also include the decryption of the chip on the circuit board, and the chip cannot rely solely on external procurement.

    Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of chip independent research and development and chip decryption

    Although China is already a major chip manufacturing country, it is still awkwardly at the lowest end of the industry chain. It can only engage in foundry and other businesses and has not mastered core technology. 80% to 90% of chips are still monopolized by international manufacturers, and it is even more important in the high-end field. Uncompetitive. The main reason is that China's chip research and development funds are insufficient, the cycle is long, and it is difficult to see short-term benefits, thus reducing the enthusiasm for chip research and development. The chip decryption not only requires less investment and has quick results, but also can be reverse-designed on the basis of the original chip, leaked and repaired, and functionally modified, so that the new chip has excellent functions after the technology upgrade, and the country can be guaranteed after re-encryption. information security.