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PCB becomes an opportunity for China's electronics industry
PCB Tech
PCB becomes an opportunity for China's electronics industry

PCB becomes an opportunity for China's electronics industry


    With the continuous advancement of science and technology, China's electronic information industry has also maintained a momentum of rapid development. After nearly half a century of hard struggle, the domestic printed circuit industry has now become an indispensable and important foundation and guarantee in China's electronic information industry. Therefore, the PCB industry's market position in the future will continue to improve, providing a broader space for the take-off of China's electronic information industry.

    The domestic PCB industry started late, and there is still a gap with the country where the PCB industry is prosperous

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    Most PCB companies in China lack their own technology. In terms of high-end products, they rely too much on imports, and their consumption and technology levels are still in the middle and low-end products. Due to the lack of technology in domestic PCB companies, the prices of many high-end products remain high and cannot be successfully implemented in the domestic market.

    At the same time, the domestic PCB industry lacks industrial standards, and there is no industrial standard that can be accepted internationally. This also caused my country's PCB level and strength to be unable to show to the outside world and lose market competitiveness. Without being able to occupy the market, China's PCB companies are struggling to maintain the research and development that requires a large amount of capital investment.

    If China's electronics industry wants to take off, it is particularly critical to strengthen PCB copy board research

    As we all know, in the vast majority of electronic products, the circuit board is the key to the technology center. If the printed circuit board of this electronic product can be successfully copied, then most of the electronic product can be obtained with a very small research and development cost. technology. PCB copy board companies use reverse R&D technology to reversely analyze the circuit board, and restore the original product's PCB files, bill of materials (BOM) files, schematic files and other technical files and PCB silk screen consumption files at 1:1. Then apply these technical files and consumer files to stop PCB manufacturing, component welding, flying probe testing, circuit board debugging, and complete the perfect copy of the original circuit board example.

    Although the development status of China's electronics industry is fairly stable, there are still many hidden dangers, and it is vulnerable to the impact of foreign high-end products, leading to a downturn in the domestic electronics market. Therefore, we must be vigilant, continue to overcome difficulties in PCB copy board research, and develop innovations from time to time to provide a strong guarantee for the development of China's electronics industry.

Technological innovation is the key. For circuit board copying companies, they should settle down to do research, seek breakthroughs, improve the quality of technical services, and use quality as the guarantee of enterprise development to seize opportunities and cater to the development trend.