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Perfect combination of PCB copy board and MCU decryption
PCB Tech
Perfect combination of PCB copy board and MCU decryption

Perfect combination of PCB copy board and MCU decryption


    China is the most populous country in the world and has a great demand for medical care. The current medical situation in China is that it is difficult to see a doctor. You have to make an appointment to see a doctor. It's harder to register than to go to heaven. And with the development of the times, people have higher and higher requirements for medical conditions. Mobile medical equipment was born to meet the requirements of people for medical conditions. Nowadays, the entire medical trend is constantly shifting towards miniaturization, differentiation and portability. That is to say, the transformation of the medical industry will not only satisfy the structure and use, but also in the new information technology such as cloud computing, mobile, big data, Incorporate more business value into social commerce. And these values are reflected in the customized development of medical equipment software and hardware. For small and medium-sized entrepreneurial companies, PCB copy boards, and microcontroller decryption companies, mobile medical equipment will become their new darling!

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    The difference between mobile medical and traditional medical equipment

  Mobile medical equipment is different from traditional medical equipment such as large size, low mobility, and limited play space. Mobile medical is moving towards miniaturization and miniaturization. After the addition of wireless communication technology, its application diversification has been increased. For PCB copying, chip decryption and enterprise project development, it not only reduces prototype procurement costs and technical entry barriers, but also uses the secondary development of PCB modification and microcontroller decryption to create more diversified excellent products.

   Mobile medical equipment PCB copy board custom development

   Although these portable medical devices have a lower threshold than clinical devices in hospitals, their design requirements are quite different from traditional medical devices. Such as: high integration, fast and accurate computing power, long-lasting battery life, safe and stable power supply, portability, small size, wireless connection and other characteristics are extremely important design requirements in mobile medical equipment, which is also portable medical equipment An important element of PCB copy board innovation and upgrade. Today's PCB copy board is no longer simply copying "counterfeit products" in the past. In this era of technology, without innovation, it can't go on. Therefore, the PCB copy board now referred to is to improve the original product and develop on this basis. New products are the main target.

The perfect combination of chip decryption and PCB copy board

  PCB copy board in addition to circuit board copy, PCB modification and secondary development, also includes the decryption of some encryption chips on the board. Single-chip microcomputers play a key role in the trend of miniaturization of mobile medical treatment. Low power consumption puts forward higher requirements for the design of single-chip microcomputers. However, my country has always lagged behind countries such as Europe, America and Japan in the field of chips. Therefore, chip decryption, microcontroller decryption and software decryption will become extremely important in the reverse research of mobile medical equipment.