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PCB small peasant economy "sings up" the big peasant effect
PCB Tech
PCB small peasant economy "sings up" the big peasant effect

PCB small peasant economy "sings up" the big peasant effect


  In the Chinese electronics market, we often see simulated products. Perhaps many people think that they can be simulated. At least it clarifies that they have the ability to simulate, and even have the ability to invent, and complete the localization. I want to simulate everything, thinking it is a kind of disease, a small peasant economy, or a closed mind. However, there are also many professional PCB copy board companies in mainland China. They are not limited to the value of simple simulation, but come from behind and outperform the blue, and "sing" the big peasant effect in the small peasant economy.

 An important feature of the small-scale peasant economy is that the products consumed are used for personal consumption or most of them are used for personal consumption, instead of stopping the exchange of commodities,

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it is a self-sufficient natural economy. In the beginning, China's PCB copy board was also to break the monopoly of foreign technology and complete self-sufficiency. However, with the advent of the era of globalization, an open economy does not require us to localize everything. We don’t use cheap foreign products. We have to do research and development by ourselves and take the road of inefficiency. PCB copy board can help us integrate all technical resources, learn to create, quickly digest and absorb, and develop products that I need.

   Nowadays, you can see domestically produced things in China everywhere, such as domestic LCD panels, domestic OS, domestic CPU, domestic large aircraft, domestic chips (Hanxin) and so on. This is all because China has superb reverse research technologies such as PCB copying and chip decryption. After understanding the key technologies that control its manufacturing, why can't I invent more advanced localized products? But this prerequisite depends on whether we have spent a lot of effort, whether the products produced by copying the board can be more expensive? If it is more expensive than imported products at the time of sale, it will be defeated!

  Perhaps many people think that PCB copying is a small peasant economy, and the application of PCB copying technology also has a small peasant mind that does not ask for help. This is the sequelae of China's long-term lockdown. I am particularly afraid of being controlled by others, and particularly afraid of others making faces to myself. In this situation, PCB copying is forced out, which is another matter. In this situation, we certainly have a reason for PCB copying, but we should also contribute to the promotion of more open international trade, stop PCB reformation and innovation, and let more technology be enjoyed by all mankind.

China has a population of more than one billion people and has a very large market. Countries all over the world want to enter the Chinese market and share a piece of cake. If there are plenty of reasons for PCB copy board, I think it is a mainland company that wants to occupy the big market at home. Rather than being snatched away by foreign companies; as far as the government is concerned, foreign industries are at the forefront. If they want to upgrade and transform, they must be guided and inspired. Some technologies require PCB copy board learning and self-create. It's just obvious that the value of simple simulation PCB copy board is very limited, and it must come from behind to win the blue to truly occupy the domestic market. This is like milk powder. If the quality is not up to the standard, it still can't beat foreign milk powder.