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The Enlightenment of PCB Company Survival in the Future
PCB Tech
The Enlightenment of PCB Company Survival in the Future

The Enlightenment of PCB Company Survival in the Future


    In China, traditional PCB copy board companies are facing a new dilemma. The “traditional PCB copy board” referred to here refers to simple PCB cloning and copying. After reversely recovering technical consumer materials such as product PCB files, BOM lists, and SCH schematic files, they are directly used for product copying and cloning without further deepening. Research and development and secondary development. After experiencing the unknown high-end technology brought by PCB copy board, the profit of various electronic products has become lower and lower, which has also caused the PCB copy board market to become low-end and low-price from time to time. Direction development. So, as a professional PCB copying company, how can we better survive and deal with this situation?

Enlightenment for the survival of PCB copy board companies in the future

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    PCB copy board technology upgrade has burnt eyebrows

    As we all know, the traditional PCB copy board once caused product homogeneity and vicious price wars. The pressure on copy board quotation has increased from time to time. Coupled with more and more sophisticated chip encryption technologies, the PCB copy board company’s early development costs and In the later period, there was a less pessimistic situation, and this type of factors hindered the development of PCB copy board companies to a certain level. Therefore, due to the demand for upgrading of terminal products from time to time, the upgrading of PCB copy board technology has burned eyebrows. At the same time, after the presentation of higher-end technology products, competitors will follow the trend. PCB copy board companies must also insist on following up with high and new technology from time to time, so as to provide valuable reverse research services for competing companies.

    The Enlightenment of PCB Copy Board Innovation to Commercial Reform

    As PCB copy board technology innovates and upgrades from time to time, it will play a key commanding role on the new path of e-commerce transformation. Professional copy board technicians can not only copy the circuit board design drawings of foreign electronic products perfectly, but also improve and innovate them. They can absorb the advantages of foreign electronics industry while introducing domestic innovative technologies to increase their professional skills. And add functions to the product. Our country can stop the research and improvement of foreign products based on the design drawings of foreign products, and can no longer use the self-research and development in a locked state, but can manufacture high-quality products in a short time. PCB circuit boards are the leaders of domestic innovation. If there is no PCB copy board, then foreign industrial culture cannot be rationally introduced, and the economy of our foreign electronics industry will also be stagnant.

    Revelation of Survival of the Fittest by PCB Copy Board

  In the process of upgrading the copy board technology, the growth of high-end products is accelerating, while the growth of low-end products has gradually slowed down, and finally they are completely replaced, thus completing the improvement of the technology level of the entire pcb copy board industry. We can clearly see this trend from the development of PCB and semiconductor packaging technology. In the area of pcb, as a high-end product, flexible circuit board (fpc) has been growing faster than traditional hard circuit boards since its introduction. From the perspective of integrated circuit packaging technology, the revenue growth of high-end csp and bga is on the rise, while the growth of low-end dip, sop and other packaging methods is gradually slowing down.

    In the past, after the PCB copy board has experienced a period of development and precipitation, many centers have made great improvements. The price of copying a 10*10CM double-sided board of nearly 2K has become history. And the usual professional PCB copy board company chooses not simply PCB copy board, but a full series of PCB conversion, design, processing, chip decryption, material procurement, complete set of product cloning, and then SMT batch processing. The transformation of Dragon Service will enable the company to develop more sustainably.