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Understand the PCB's industrial control motherboard
PCB Tech
Understand the PCB's industrial control motherboard

Understand the PCB's industrial control motherboard


1. When selecting materials for PCB components, industrial control motherboards will select components that have been verified for a long time and with high requirements to ensure the product's needs under complex conditions, such as high temperature resistance, moisture resistance and other industrial occasions. For example, the industrial control motherboard uses high-quality chip solid capacitors, tantalum capacitors, and ceramic capacitors, which have high stability, long life and good high temperature resistance; low-power CPU is selected to adapt to the complex environmental applications of the industrial control industry .

2. PCB design The industrial control mainboard adopts a PCB circuit board design of more than 6 layers, and its design is to strengthen the anti-electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility of the mainboard, and enhance the stability of the mainboard.

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3. Platform selection Industrial control motherboards generally use low-power chipsets to save energy and improve environmental adaptability.

4. PCB interface design Industrial control motherboards are used in special occasions, so standard interfaces will be customized or stacked according to site requirements to adapt to external equipment. Common interfaces include serial port, USB, LAN, LPT, etc. In order to adapt to the environment, it is generally designed with anti-surge impact and static discharge. Expansion interfaces include PCI, PCIE, Mini-PCIE, etc., supporting multiple expansions when used with industrial motherboards and backplanes. At the same time with multiple display interfaces, such as VGA, LVDS, HDMI, DVI, etc.

5. Storage interface Industrial control motherboard can provide IDE, SATA, SCSI, CF card, DOC and other multiple storage interface requirements.

6. Protection function Industrial control mainboard adopts special PCB design. In case of abnormal conditions such as downtime, it can automatically restart to ensure the high stability requirements of the system.

7. Use environment Industrial control motherboards often work in complex environments, such as wide temperature, vibration, dust, radiation, etc., to meet the needs of more industrial sites.

8. The customized PCB industrial control board can flexibly meet the special needs of customers in the follow-up, realize customization, and better and more perfectly match the customer's use demand environment.

9. In addition to providing similar remote connection management, the manageable industrial control motherboard can also realize remote unattended automatic switch machine functions. Through the embedded IPMB, SMNP-1000 module, the management, recording, and sending functions of the real-time operating information of the system can be realized.

Protection function PCB industrial control mainboard through special design, in case of abnormal conditions such as crash, can realize watchdog automatic restart, anti-surge and other functions, and fully ensure the high stability of the system in harsh environments. The above knowledge is certain Master it well.