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Reasons for choosing outsourcing PCB design
PCB Tech
Reasons for choosing outsourcing PCB design

Reasons for choosing outsourcing PCB design


PCB design is based on the circuit schematic diagram to achieve the functions required by the circuit designer. Excellent PCB design can save production costs and achieve good circuit performance and heat dissipation performance.

Characteristics of the domestic PCB design industry

Since the reform and opening up, due to preferential policies in terms of labor resources, market, investment, etc., China has attracted large-scale transfers of European and American manufacturing industries. A large number of electronic products and manufacturers have set up factories in China, which has led to The development of related industries within.

The serious shortage of PCB design talents in second and third tier cities

In recent years, the domestic PCB design industry has been affected by factors such as the financial crisis and industrial upgrading. The PCB industry in China has been affected to a certain extent. As China’s PCB industry is mainly distributed in South China and East China, the combined amount of the two has reached 90% of the country’s total. The agglomeration effect is too obvious, leading to a serious shortage of PCB design talents in second- and third-tier cities.

Uneven distribution of downstream applications in China's PCB industry

In the downstream application distribution of China’s PCB industry, consumer electronics accounted for the highest proportion, reaching 39%; followed by computers, accounting for 22%; communications accounting for 14%; industrial control/medical equipment accounting for 14%; automotive electronics accounting for 6%; 5%.

The development of PCB design technology lags behind the world's advanced level

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Although China is now the world’s largest in terms of industrial scale, it still lags behind the world’s advanced level in terms of the overall technological level of the PCB industry. In terms of product structure, multilayer boards account for most of the output value, but most For low-end products with 8 layers or less, HDI, flexible boards, etc. have a certain scale, but there is a gap between the technological content and advanced foreign products such as Japan. The IC substrate with the highest technological content is even rarer in China. Production.

Although the domestic PCB industry is facing many problems and challenges, the huge market still makes many companies invest in it. In addition to professional PCB design service providers, some non-professional solution providers have continuous demand for PCB design. Therefore, domestic merchants choose to PCB design service outsourcing. According to statistics, there are more than 50 PCB design outsourcing requirements released on Kuaibao in the first half of this year. This is also the fastest growing outsourcing demand on Kuaibao this year.

Since PCB design is an indispensable part of the electronic industry industry chain, companies also have their own special aspects when choosing PCB design outsourcing. From the domestic leading intelligent product development outsourcing service platform—PCB outsourcing on Kuaibao Service, you can see the reasons for their needs.

Analysis of three reasons for domestic PCB design outsourcing:

1. Resource outsourcing. Generally, customers have their own full-time PCB design team. Only when their own resources cannot meet the needs of design progress and design quality, they will look for some fixed and complementary design companies. The requirements are very high, and they are all identified by those in the industry. There is a customer with such needs on the fast package. The employer has issued a demand for the design of a gas mass flow control controller control circuit. There are a dozen people in the technical team, but There are many projects in the company, and the staff has no time to take care of so many projects, so they choose to outsource. Due to the urgent time of the project, the employer also specially opened the sincerity fund service.

2. Technical consulting and learning outsourcing. This type of company has its own PCB design team, but the overall strength needs to be improved. Therefore, they learn the methods and technologies of others through outsourcing. They are very sophisticated about the technical strength of the design company. Recently, there is a Beijing PCB design company, he has a R&D technical team of more than 20 people, but the latest charge integrator project does not have suitable engineers to design and develop. The employer has weighed repeatedly and chose to outsource this new project to a more skilled PCB design Solution company.

3. I don’t know the technology to outsource the entire PCB project, usually for small and medium customers who have no or a small number of full-time PCB design engineers, so that they are looking for a design company and hope that they can cooperate with a company with strength and security.