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Our demand for manufacturing PCB prototypes
PCB Tech
Our demand for manufacturing PCB prototypes

Our demand for manufacturing PCB prototypes


A prototype is a sample, template or initial test version used to provide any new ideas for electronic solutions. The idea of the printed circuit board concept entering the market was at the beginning of the 20th century. Regarding the backward integration perceived by major dominant companies, there are signs of increasing demand and demand for PCB prototypes in all major industries. The differentiating factors from other PCB manufacturers are various PCB manufacturing services, time-critical prototype delivery and high quality assurance.

Our demand for PCB prototypes is high

In addition to developing new prototyping concepts, providing a complete turnkey of end-to-end solutions and personalized methods for each PCB project is one of the important driving factors for building a good customer base around the world. Technology is at the core of almost all industries in the world. PCB prototype needs are solved in leading industries such as aerospace, defense, telecommunications, medical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

PCB prototyping and production process

By using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), OEM or PCB manufacturers can start the PCB manufacturing process smoothly. The choice of material fusion or the fusion of different components according to customer requirements also reflects the success of technical experts on PCB layout and layout. The advanced tools used in prototyping are mainly used for automatic design analysis, algorithms, and customized technology samples.

pcb board

After applying the copper coating to the circuit board, the layout of the circuit will be printed on it and the unwanted copper will be ejected from the circuit. This will connect the circuit tracks on the circuit board. A laser or hard-drilling machine is then used to drill holes in the board to connect the circuit tracks, and hollow rivets are ejected into these holes to generate current in the layers of the circuit board. The different strategies and processes used for custom PCB prototyping include surface mount technology, reverse engineering of electronic components, direct metallization, through-hole technology, and chip-on-board technology.

PCB solder mask technology is then applied to the coating on the entire circuit board. After the PCB is manufactured, its quality is being checked to understand the toughness and reliability of the prototype. Regarding understanding of temperature profiles, issues related to highly complex components, and tests to check resistance and density levels at different nodes of the circuit board, there are many inspection techniques such as thermal analysis, flying probe testing, and functional testing.

One of the main technologies to provide tailor-made PCB prototypes, it uses a flexible method to use technical expertise and machines with medium technology, which proves the reliability of loading projects in the right time and economy. Adopt flexibility, provide prototyping services for full or partial turnkey assembly, and provide prototyping services with commissioned PCB components.

Through the best cost-effective inventory management, effective procurement to bid for the process of diversified customized components used in PCB production, PCB manufacturing, engineering with 2, 4 and 6 layers, testing and shipping PCB prototypes for small batch production. Therefore, it has gone beyond the expertise of PCB manufacturing, prototyping, assembly, layout and testing, with high circuit speed, multi-layer PCB and many functions in a compact space.