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Choosing PCB prototypes and PCB artists for layout reasons
PCB Tech
Choosing PCB prototypes and PCB artists for layout reasons

Choosing PCB prototypes and PCB artists for layout reasons


Advanced Circuits™ produces printed circuit boards for the simplest 2-layer hobbyist projects, and the most complex PCBs to meet the stringent requirements of military, medical, aviation and commercial applications. In order to meet the needs of our customers, three different methods of ordering printed circuit boards have been created: standard specifications, customized specifications, and 2 & 4 layer prototype specials. Different categories can help clients maintain their budget while easily satisfying their project requirements.

Get cheap PCB prototypes without sacrificing quality or speed

Low-cost PCB prototyping offers 3 options. 2& 4 layer printed circuit boards can be found under the "Products and Services" tab under the main navigation of the website, "2& 4 layers special offer". With these special offers, PCB prototypes can be produced and shipped within 1 day.

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BareBones™-2-layer PCB is a very fast prototyping option within a day. It is made of "bare" FR4 material and does not require solder masks or screen printing. Any size circuit board can be ordered, the size is .5"x.5"min. At least 12"x16" $33 each ™-2-layer PCB option is a good choice, allowing to order prototypes of circuit boards as large as 60 square inches and have them shipped within 5 days. $66 each™-4-layer PCB prototype option takes only 5 days to ship, the minimum quantity requirement is very low, suitable for 4 circuit boards square inches up to 30 PCBs. Compare the quality, value and reliability of advanced circuits with cheap PCB competitors

PCB manufacturers who make circuit boards are "cheap". But how does their cheap PCB manufacturing compare to low-cost prototype manufacturing solutions? Advanced Circuit's experienced CAM engineers thoroughly check the PCB design files before manufacturing, if any problems are found. Unlike the "contactless" alternative, it does not solve the design problem on its own after manufacturing with unusable circuit boards.

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What is the reason why PCB artists use for printed circuit board layout

There are many PCB layout software packages on the market. Some are very expensive and provide advanced layout features and tools. There is also free PCB layout software, whose PCB layout functions are usually limited. Determining which option best suits your PCB layout needs and PCB manufacturing requirements can be difficult.

1. PCB artists are completely unrestricted & free

The PCB Artist of Advanced Circuits is completely unrestricted and can be downloaded and used for free. Although many PCB layout software packages on the market require subscription and implementation of a paywall to grant access to key features and functions, PCB Artist does not. After downloading the PCB Artist software, users can take advantage of all its functions and powerful tools.

2. Free access to PCB artist library of more than 500,000 components

Take advantage of PCB Artist's large library of free-to-use components. With this feature alone, you can simply search for the components required by the PCB, which can help you save a lot of time in the PCB layout process, and there is no need to design component sizes and symbols from scratch for most parts.

3. Easily transfer files used in manufacturing and Gerber format

Advanced Circuits' PCB Artist can place orders quickly and easily through its in-app quotation and ordering functions. When inputting the board parameters and specifications of the PCB layout, PCB Artist will provide an instant quotation. Once the design is complete and ready to place an order with advanced circuits, the software will guide you through each step of the entire process and export files in a seamless process to complete the order. Once the first order of advanced circuits is installed for the design, a Gerber format file can also be requested.