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Circuit board design and common sense in life
PCB Tech
Circuit board design and common sense in life

Circuit board design and common sense in life


   The electrical appliances we use every day contain PCB design companies, and it can even be said that the circuit board is the backbone of an electrical appliance. But most people don't know the circuit board very well, in order to let everyone understand the circuit board more comprehensively and use it correctly.

    What is the temperature? What is humidity? What is the relationship between the printed PCB board and temperature and humidity? They have a great relationship. If it is not handled well, the circuit board will be charged.

Well, if you don't understand the temperature and humidity of the circuit board, it will be troublesome to print the circuit board. Let's talk about the circuit board repair experts below. Printed circuit board circuit board design company temperature concept In the early development of PCB resistance thermometers, someone once conducted in-depth research on platinum resistance thermometers. Since this time, the resistance temperature measurement method has undergone a very big change. Platinum resistance thermometer for high precision

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Temperature measurement is more accurate. For temperature measurement, platinum resistance thermometer is the choice. Why do we choose platinum when we print circuit boards? What are its advantages? It is said that platinum has a very strong anti-oxidation ability at high temperatures. This is one of the reasons why it has become the choice for measuring high temperatures. Platinum is also a very good high-temperature thermocouple material. The resistance of platinum resistance thermometers is quite close to the square function of temperature. The humidity of the printed circuit board design company includes humidity and relative humidity. They are quite different in use, and the concept is also far worse. The relative humidity of the printed circuit board. As we all know, the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere is constantly changing, and the general range of change is between 0 and saturation. Humidity refers to the actual amount of water vapor in the air, and does not indicate the degree of saturation of the humid air or the ability to absorb water vapor in this state. Therefore, the degree of humidity is expressed in terms of relative humidity. The value of degree is equal to the value of the density ρv of water vapor under the temperature "in the air" and the partial pressure of water vapor Pv.

    Humidity refers to the mass of water vapor per 1m3 of humid air. This is because quality is not quantity. Therefore, the humidity can be calculated by working methods. Ever since contacting the circuit board repair industry, I have often heard someone say that certain circuit boards often have good and bad phenomena. Yesterday there was one. The customer’s circuit board is broken. After communication, it turns out that the reason for this circuit board failure is that the customer often puts the circuit board in a humid place, which makes this circuit board unusable. Let me summarize the cause of the circuit board failure: PCB Many parameters in the circuit are adjusted by software. The margins of some parameters are adjusted too low and are in the critical range. When the machine operating conditions meet the reason for the software to determine the fault, then the fault alarm will appear. Moisture and dust will conduct electricity and have a resistance effect, and the resistance value will also change during the process of thermal expansion and contraction. This resistance value has a parallel effect with other components. When this effect is strong, the circuit parameters will be changed and malfunctions will occur. ; Poor contact between wire plugs and terminals, poor contact between the board and the slot, failure when the cable is internally broken, and false welding of components.

     For PCB digital circuits, faults will only appear under certain conditions. It is also possible that individual PCB component parameters or overall performance parameters of the circuit board have changed, which makes the anti-interference ability approach a critical point, and there is indeed too much interference. The control system makes it make mistakes, which leads to failures; the reasons for circuit board failures are nothing more than the four reasons mentioned above. If you do all of these four aspects, it is estimated that your circuit board will rarely appear ordinary Failure, it is difficult to say that a large PCB failure, such as improper use and burnout, there are also some natural factors, aging and other irresistible factors.