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The soul and phenomenon of pcb motherboard design
PCB Tech
The soul and phenomenon of pcb motherboard design

The soul and phenomenon of pcb motherboard design


       PCB motherboard design and development is very important. The layout of the motherboard directly affects whether it is convenient for users to install and use, so it is very worthy of careful study.

         First of all, the PCB layout of the CPU socket is very important. There must be enough space to install the CPU fan. If it is too close to the upper edge of the motherboard, it may be difficult to install the CPU cooler in some cases with small space or unreasonable power supply locations. (Especially when users want to change the heat sink but don't want to take out the whole motherboard). In the same way, the capacitors around the CPU socket should not be too close, otherwise it is inconvenient to install the heat sink (even some large CPU heat sinks cannot be installed at all).

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The motherboard layout is critical

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         Secondly, components such as CMOS jumpers and SATA that are often used on the motherboard will also become unusable if the PCB design is unreasonable. In particular, the SATA interface cannot be on the same level as the PCI-E, because the current graphics cards are getting longer and longer, which can easily cause them to be blocked. Of course, there is also a method of adopting a side-lying design for the SATA interface to avoid such conflicts.

       There are many cases where the PCB layout is unreasonable. Another example is that PCI slots are often blocked by capacitors next to them, causing PCI devices to become unusable. This is a very common situation. Therefore, it is recommended that users try on the spot when buying a computer to avoid compatibility problems with other accessories due to the layout of the motherboard.

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The ATX power interface is usually designed next to the memory.

    In addition, the ATX power interface is an element that tests whether the motherboard connection is convenient. A more reasonable location should be on the upper right side or between the CPU socket and the memory socket, and should not appear between the CPU socket and the left side. /O next to the interface. This is mainly to avoid the embarrassment that the wiring of some power supplies is too short due to the need to bypass the radiator, and there will be no problems that hinder the installation of the CPU radiator or affect the air circulation around it.

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 The MOS heat sink blocks the installation of the processor heat sink

     With excellent heat dissipation performance, heat pipes are widely used in high-end motherboards. However, for many motherboards that use heat pipes to dissipate heat, some heat pipes are too complicated, the heat pipes are bent to a large degree, or the heat pipes are too complicated, which often causes the heat pipe to hinder the installation of the radiator. At the same time, in order to avoid conflicts, heat pipes are designed to be crooked and twisted like tadpoles (the thermal conductivity of the heat pipe will drop rapidly after the heat pipe is distorted). The choice of boards should not only be based on the appearance, otherwise like those with good appearance but poor design Isn't the board card of the "virtual appearance"?

  Excellent motherboard layout, easy for users to install and use the computer. On the contrary, some “virtual” motherboards, although their appearance is exaggerated, often conflict with components such as processor heat sinks and graphics cards. Therefore, it is recommended that when purchasing a computer, it is best to install it in person to avoid unnecessary trouble.

        It can be seen that the design of a PCB motherboard directly affects the production and use of a PCB product. If you need to understand the development and design of a more professional motherboard, please contact Huatao, and we will use our expertise to answer the PCB for you. The development of the motherboard is also designed