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The technology and application of home control panel design
PCB Tech
The technology and application of home control panel design

The technology and application of home control panel design


1 PCB interface and standards

According to the different PCB manufacturers, the interface standards of household appliances are not the same, which brings difficulties to the centralized control of PCB equipment. In the design and development of the smart home appliance control board, each home appliance is equipped with a terminal controller. The terminal controller can be connected with the main controller and then form a piconet, which is equivalent to unifying the interface standards of various household appliances to realize intelligent control.

2 onfgzhiban technology

Zigbee technology has strong networking capabilities, can form a cellular network, and PCB communication is extremely reliable. Through zigbee technology, the embedded zigbee module terminal controller and the home appliance controller are connected together, and at the same time, the zigbee home gateway with routing function is used to connect with the external network to form a star network. The various household appliances in the house are connected into an intelligent system through the wireless home gateway, which can be monitored, controlled and managed centrally or remotely.

3 Expand sip technology

For smart home control systems, it is now possible to achieve remote control through some protocols.

However, there is no very good solution for the processing of the intermediate domain communication of network appliances. Using sip extension technology can better solve the problem of network appliance interaction capabilities. In the design of the smart home appliance controller, the initialization protocol sip is appropriately extended to realize the remote control of the home appliance and obtain the running status of the home appliance in time. In the smart home control system, use sip to extend the subscribe, notify and do methods to achieve. The subscribe method is used to obtain the status of the household appliance, the do method is extended to operate the household appliance, and the terminal control device uses the notify method to notify the user of the status change of the household appliance in time.

4 Open home service gateway

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The embedded home gateway technology conforms to the osgi specification, that is, an open home service gateway, including service gateways, wide area networks, and local area network connection devices. In order to realize the low cost and high reliability of the intelligent home appliance control system, a real-time embedded operating system is adopted. The user's control of home appliances is divided into real-time control and non-real-time control. The embedded home gateway not only conforms to the WAN connection communication standard, but also conforms to the local area network connection communication standard and standards related to service transmission, so that the system's software and hardware upgrade problems can be solved, and the product's versatility is stronger.

5 Summary

With the development of computer communication PCB technology, various intelligent PCB electronic products continue to emerge. The smart home appliance control PCB system will play an increasingly important role in people's lives, and the service objects of smart home companies will gradually shift from luxury houses and high-end villa areas to ordinary residential communities. Smart home appliance controllers with low cost, powerful functions and good reliability came into being, and their market prospects are very broad.