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Chip decryption and PCB "double swords" invented wonders
PCB Tech
Chip decryption and PCB "double swords" invented wonders

Chip decryption and PCB "double swords" invented wonders


   From a literal point of view, chip decryption does not seem to be directly related to PCB copying. In fact, on the contrary, the two are closely related and inseparable. The PCB circuit board is the carrier and support of the chip, providing circuit support for the chip, and the chip is the central component of all electronic products and the "brain" of electronic products. Without the electrical support of the circuit board, the chip cannot function, and a circuit board with a short chip is like a robot without a brain, it is a pile of scrap iron, and has no purpose. As long as the PCB copy board and chip decryption go hand in hand, we can complete the successful copy board case and prototype manufacturing.

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   The basic knowledge of chip decryption is greatly improved

   The chip decryption is justified, that is, stopping the cracking of the program on the chip, so as to obtain the program information and technical information stored in the chip. Because the chip developer will stop encrypting the chip through programming to prevent others from stopping plagiarizing or stealing materials. But for some people who use chips for study and research, this sets a high threshold for them. In response to such problems, chip decryption companies use special equipment to start with flaws in chip design or software deficiencies, and after multiple technical separations, they can extract key information and program content in the chip.

   Interpretation of the relationship between chip decryption and PCB copying

   Seeing this, what is the relationship between chip decryption and PCB copy board? In fact, chip decryption is mainly applied to PCB copying. To achieve 100% cloning of electronic products, it is necessary to control the central chip technology carried therein, otherwise it is easy to lead to inferior knockoff products. At present, many domestic products imitate advanced foreign equipment, with similar appearance, but the function and performance are too far apart. In fact, it is caused by the backwardness of chip technology. Moreover, to complete the board modification on the basis of the PCB copy board, the chip decryption technology is also the key. As long as you first understand the software and hardware information of the electronic product thoroughly, and understand all the procedures, you can stop improving and upgrading on this foundation. The purpose of PCB change board.

   Then, we should have a rough understanding of the relationship between chip decryption and PCB copying. The PCB copy board serves as the cloning of the hardware of the circuit board, and the chip decryption serves as the cracking of the software contained therein. The "two swords" of the software and hardware can complete the transparent analysis of a certain electronic product. This is naturally a kind of assistance to electronic product R&D companies, able to learn advanced technology from others in the shortest time and quickly improve their R&D capabilities. So as to provide solid technical support for new research and development thoughts, chip decryption is not a shortcut to the research and development of new products.