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Imported NMR PCB maintenance and localization
PCB Tech
Imported NMR PCB maintenance and localization

Imported NMR PCB maintenance and localization


  Since 1983, various PCB technologies and equipment have been introduced from abroad, with a total amount of 77.5 billion. At present, a large number of imported equipment is facing a peak period of maintenance. Experts think that in order to deal with this general and overall problem, it is necessary to focus on localization. If you rely on foreign investors, you will not only have to pay a high price, but you will also be passive and never develop.

  Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is one of the most effective clinical imaging diagnostic equipment in medical diagnosis today. It is used for the inspection of various parts of the human body, especially for the early diagnosis of tumors and the diagnosis of soft tissue lesions. It has an irreplaceable role. MRI can be divided into two types: superconducting MRI and permanent magnet MRI according to the formation of the main imaging magnetic field.

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Although superconducting MRI has high magnetic field strength and good imaging physical environment, its manufacturing process and application cost are "double high", and domestic hospitals cannot improve at all. Only a few large hospitals need to import from abroad, but expensive costs and post-maintenance make a lot of The hospital is struggling. Therefore, the application of PCB copy board digestion and absorption, completion of MRI localization and maintenance of imported equipment are very important things at present.

  PCB copy board: complete imitation and innovation tricks

   Regarding PCB copying, people who don’t understand think that copying is the meaning of imitation, and even think that copying PCB is a "cottage". But PCB copy board is definitely not imitating, the purpose of PCB copy board is to learn the latest foreign electronic circuit design technology, and then absorb excellent design solutions, and then use it to develop and design better products. Due to the reverse R&D technique of PCB copy board, the complete set of technical data of the product, such as PCB schematic diagram, BOM list, PCB file, etc., can be reversed, thereby suspending rapid product copying and cloning. At the same time, after digestion and absorption, PCB copying can also suspend PCB conversion and secondary development, and provide feasibility analysis and competitive reference for the development and design of new products.

  PCB copy board: the trick to complete the localization of maintenance

   At present, the localization of imported nuclear magnetic resonance equipment and the maintenance of spare parts have become one of the urgent tasks of major hospitals. However, the method of discontinuing the localization of imported equipment and components is not intact, thinking that only independent research and development is needed. In fact, the completion of localization must be scientific, and different methods must be taken in accordance with the theoretical situation. Under my country’s national conditions, PCB board modification is this kind of scientifically selected modification type. It can not only quickly complete localization, but also save a lot of money and achieve obvious economic benefits; it can not only control the technology and key components of the product center, but also The maintenance of imported equipment is of far-reaching significance.