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Elevator traction machine and control board PCB copy board
PCB Tech
Elevator traction machine and control board PCB copy board

Elevator traction machine and control board PCB copy board


Thanks to the national policy to re-focus on the development of the elevator industry, the suspension of the two-year elevator production acceptance certificate acceptance and issuance work has restarted, and the situation that various investments cannot enter the elevator industry has been completed. It can be seen from the investment phenomenon that investment in the elevator industry is active this year, and the opening of the elevator industry has promoted the enthusiasm of investors. Isn't this a good thing for PCB copy board companies?

  The domestic elevator faces the short board of the traction machine and the control panel

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   It is predicted that the number of elevator consumption orders this year may exceed 80,000 units. Next year, the elevator market situation will continue to be optimistic, and elevator maintenance services will also become an important link in the market competition of elevator companies next year. It is understood that modern elevators once became a typical mechatronics product. Its main core technologies are concentrated in the traction machine and control panel. The traction machine is the power equipment of the elevator. It consists of the elevator main engine, which is composed of a motor, a brake, a coupling, a reduction box, a traction wheel, a frame and a guide wheel, and a sub-car hand wheel. The elevator control board is also a kind of intelligent and automated circuit board, which is indispensable in the operation of the elevator. However, for a long time, most domestic elevator companies do not have the independent research and development capabilities of these two technical products, but rely on OEM consumption to deal with it, that is, the so-called "outsourcing processing", which has formed a serious added value gap and after-sales service. Device maintenance presents the problem of shortcomings of key components.

  Elevator PCB copy board leak detection and upgrade and maintenance plan

   Faced with the huge number of elevators in use, how to deal with after-sales equipment maintenance and shortage of key parts has become a difficult problem that domestic elevator companies must solve. It is necessary to control the central technology of its key components, and apply PCB copy board leak detection, upgrade, maintenance and other technologies to provide a more reliable processing plan for the elevator installation and maintenance.

The so-called PCB copy board is the circuit board copy board, also known as PCB clone, PCB copy or PCB reverse design. It refers to the product PCB files obtained by disassembling, surveying, and analyzing the products obtained from public channels through reverse research. A full set of technical consumer materials such as BOM list, schematic diagram, etc. Therefore, PCB copy board can quickly control and understand the PCB design technology of an advanced elevator traction machine and control board, and reach 1:1 copy and clone. At the same time, it can also stop re-innovation, PCB modification, chip decryption or two For the second development, maintenance or rectification shall be stopped as requested.