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How does the etching machine PCB equipment work?
PCB Tech
How does the etching machine PCB equipment work?

How does the etching machine PCB equipment work?


Double-sided etching machine production line:

1. Features of the production line:

1. This machine adopts PLC automatic control system, man-machine interface control, imported electrical components, and the operation is simple and convenient.

2. The special nozzle arrangement pcb design, the independent nozzle pressure adjustment display, and the driving range of 5cm, make the spray more uniform and faster.

3. The liquid tank is separated from the body, so that the body and the spray system are not susceptible to high temperature deformation.

4. The wheelbase can be adjusted from 23mm to 50mm, and both soft and hard boards can be processed.

5. Integrate the design of exhaust, drainage, and water up and down, so that it has a neat appearance and easy installation.

6. The etching accuracy can reach line width and line spacing 4μ.

2. PCB process flow

Loading → Etching → Ammonia Water Washing → Pump Washing I → Pump Washing II City Water Washing → Draining → Unloading

Antioxidant production line:

1. Production line use

The stable conveying system and circulating filter system of the production line form a uniform and firm organic protective film on the surface of the workpiece (copper surface), so that the surface of the board has excellent oxidation resistance and increases good solderability. This production line is suitable Various syrup formulas at home and abroad are ideal equipment for the manufacturing process of PCB double-sided multilayer boards.

Second, the technological process

Into the board → degreasing → circulating water washing → micro-etching → circulating water washing → pickling → circulating water washing → Dl water spraying → blotting → wind cutting → anti-oxidation → blotting → wind cutting → circulating water washing → Dl water spraying → suction Dry → blow dry → far infrared drying → plate out

pcb board

3. Features

1. Advanced process structure design, with soft transfer rollers, to avoid scratches on the surface of the workpiece.

2. With small wheelbase and dual transmission system, thin plates and small plates (40*60mm) can pass smoothly.

3. Continuous filtration system keeps the solution stable.

4. Advanced water circulation system and PLC control system can save energy and reduce production costs.

5. Integrated drainage and exhaust system, transparent tempered glass window, make the machine beautiful and generous.

Removal film cleaning production line:

1. Features of the production line:

1. SUS high temperature soaking zone, stainless steel pump, fully separate the membrane from the board surface.

2. Convenient and fast slag removal filtration system, which can fully filter out the residues in the solution, so that the film removal effect is better.

3. Soft scrubbing makes the board surface cleaner.

4. Reasonable piping design reduces the loss of water and electricity and effectively reduces production costs.

5. The integrated exhaust, drainage design and overhead wiring make the appearance more beautiful and the environment more tidy.

Two, pcb equipment process

Loading the board → soaking → stripping → brushing → washing → circulating water washing 1, 2 → municipal water washing → blotting → removing the board