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Electrical test of PCB circuit board
PCB Tech
Electrical test of PCB circuit board

Electrical test of PCB circuit board


Electrical test of PCB circuit board
At present, the country has higher and higher requirements for environmental protection and greater efforts in link governance. This is a challenge but also an opportunity for PCB factories. If the PCB factory is determined to solve the problem of environmental pollution, then FPC flexible circuit board products can be at the forefront of the market, and the PCB factory can get the opportunity to develop again.
    Generally speaking, in the production process of our PCB circuit boards, it is inevitable that electrical defects such as short circuits, open circuits and leakage due to external factors will inevitably be caused. In addition, PCB circuit boards are constantly moving towards high density and fineness. The evolution of spacing and multiple levels, if the defective boards are not screened out in time, and allowed to flow into the process, it will inevitably cause more cost waste. Therefore, in addition to the improvement of process control, the improvement of test technology can also be used for PCB Manufacturers provide solutions to reduce scrap rate and improve product yield.


    In the production process of electronic products, the cost of defects caused by defects has different degrees in each stage. The earlier it is discovered, the lower the cost of remediation. "The Rule of 10's" is often used to evaluate the cost of remediation when PCBs are found to be defective at different stages of the manufacturing process. For example, after the blank board is produced, if the open circuit in the board can be detected in real time, usually only need to repair the line to improve the defect, or at most one blank board is lost; but if the open circuit is not detected, wait for the board to be shipped When the downstream assembler completes the installation of the parts, the furnace tin and IR are remelted, but at this time it is detected that the circuit is disconnected. The general downstream assembler will ask the empty board manufacturing company to compensate for the cost of parts and heavy labor. , Inspection fees, etc. If it is even more unfortunate, the defective board has not been found in the test of the assembler, and it enters the whole system finished product, such as computers, mobile phones, auto parts, etc. At this time, the loss discovered by the test will be the empty board in time. A hundred times, a thousand times, or even higher. Therefore, for the PCB industry, electrical testing is for early detection of circuit functional defects.
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