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Robot PCB controller and design and development
PCB Tech
Robot PCB controller and design and development

Robot PCB controller and design and development


The design and development of mobile PCB controllers is a research focus of micro-probing robots. The practical experience of developing modern robot control systems shows that under the existing theory and PCB technology, the technical conditions for researching fully autonomous robots with high intelligence are far from mature; for field robots, due to the reliability and time delay of communication There is no guarantee that the diversity and complexity of the environment leads to limited information access, and pure manual teleoperation leads to a decrease in control reliability and an increase in complexity. Therefore, it is a more realistic and feasible approach to research and design surveillance mobile robots in a unique environment for specific tasks.

 System Components

The purpose of the field exploration robot determines that the structure of this robot must be simple, reliable, with replaceable and easily upgradeable standards, so that it is full of vitality.

pcb board

 PCB hardware composition

The robot uses a track-leg compound moving mechanism. The compound moving mechanism is mainly researched for the application of mobile robots in non-structural environments, with the purpose of improving their passing ability in non-structural environments. The project is called the "Goat" robot,

The core main controller uses the PC104 provided by Swiss Digital Logic Corporation. As a relatively new and powerful bus form and special control equipment, PC104 adopts a standard building block hardware structure, which is easy to expand functions and ports; it has powerful computing power, which makes the robot have the characteristics of fast processing speed and strong ability; Its heat-resistant, cold-resistant, moisture-proof and earthquake-resistant properties are suitable for harsh outdoor conditions. The console system uses the German WOGO industrial MODBUS adapter similar to the PLC as the control core. The communication between the upper computer and the lower computer follows the MODBUS protocol and is realized through a wireless data transmission station. The modular software design of WOGO industrial MODBUS adapter is stable and reliable, which is very suitable for applications such as data acquisition and data display of the robot console.

The robot motion control system is the core of the robot controlling the motors of each axis to realize the teleoperation. This system uses the PMAC2 type motion control card with PC104 interface provided by DeltaTau Company, which can control four motors at the same time to realize four-axis linkage. It can realize: execute motion program, perform servo loop update, motor commutation update, software and hardware security resource management, communication with host, task priority organization, etc. functions. It is an extremely powerful motion control card. The wireless data communication system adopts the American MDS wireless data transmission station, with a standard RS232 communication port, using PCB wireless spread spectrum technology, using 220M frequency band, mainly used for remote PCB wireless point-to-point or multi-point wireless data communication, and the transmission speed can reach 15.2Kbps , The indoor communication distance can reach 300 meters using 2db antenna.

The robot observation system adopts the SURF series wireless image transmitting/receiving system, which consists of two cameras and a wireless image transmitting/receiving system. The two cameras are respectively installed on the front end and the upper end of the robot body. Realize remote monitoring in unstructured environment by returning remote images.

. Realization

Now the robot can realize the functions of going up and down the standard pedestrian stairs, crossing the ditch (less than 30cm), automatically resetting when overturned, up and down the elevated platform (height less than 30cm), and walking in the sand. The man-machine has better coordination and control. As shown in Figure 2 above, you can see some of its corresponding behavioral abilities.

 in conclusion

The supervised PCB controller has good adaptability in the control of mobile robots in the field. The operator can observe the task execution through the PCB monitor and status feedback, which greatly reduces the operator's work pressure and skill requirements; the robot has a certain degree of autonomy , And under the monitoring level model, the autonomous capabilities of the robot can be further developed, and the system can be easily upgraded. It can also be used as a research platform for autonomous control of the robot; There is a relatively safe and feasible solution for robot safety issues caused by PCB signal delays, uncertainties in the unstructured environment, mechanical and electronic failures, etc. In the follow-up research, various sensors will be further assembled to improve the autonomy of the robot, add the ability of the robot to learn online and update the knowledge base, and improve the operator interface to make it more user-friendly, etc., so that the robot can become a development and research platform. , It can also become a practical, reliable and usable product.