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The flame mountain that PCB copy board can't hide-patent
PCB Tech
The flame mountain that PCB copy board can't hide-patent

The flame mountain that PCB copy board can't hide-patent


  PCB copy board industry is facing many difficulties

  As "the skeleton, nerves and blood vessels of hardware circuits", almost all electronic products are inseparable from PCBs (printed circuit boards). The proliferation of PCB copy boards also makes this industry encounter the dilemma of "bad money driving out good money". Some people even regard simple imitation as PCB copying, thinking that it is copycat, plagiarism, and infringement. As a result, the PCB copy board industry has always faced obstacles that cannot be avoided. On the one hand, the patent war in the PCB copy board industry will spread in the future. It can be described as a potential crisis and danger. External intellectual property pressure poses a threat to the healthy development of my country’s PCB copy board industry. On the other hand, many domestic science and technology workers and universities have Many patents are difficult to realize industrialization. Through the establishment of a patent alliance, it is possible to integrate industry resources, resolve internal conflicts, improve the ability to deal with external intellectual property litigation, and accelerate the promotion of the voice of my country's PCB copy board companies in the international market.

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   The effect of the reverse research on the copy board on the forward research

   In fact, PCB copying is not an imitation, but a reverse research technique, which is to obtain a PCB design circuit of an excellent electronic product through a series of reverse research techniques, as well as circuit schematics and BOM tables. Through this reverse research method, it takes two or three years for others to develop a product. Through the reverse research of PCB copy board, it may only take one month to learn the results developed by others in two or three years. This has played a very important role in promoting our developing countries to catch up with the world. Moreover, the development of reverse research technology has also played a role in promoting the technological breakthroughs of those development teams. The vigorous development of reverse research technology has also led to the continuous update of forward research technology.

   Ways to prevent the spread of patent wars in the copy board industry

   For original PCB design engineers and companies, it may be difficult to accept that PCB products developed can be copied to their hands at a very low cost. Judging from the fact that almost all cases have been based on patent infringement as the cause of litigation, the patent war in the PCB copy board industry has been spreading in the future. Whether it is using the existing "Copyright Law" or the "Anti-Unfair Competition Law" to protect PCB layout designs, it is difficult to cure the disease. Because PCB copy board technology is not an act of unfair competition, it is to learn from advanced layout design, and at the same time, it also introduces the concept of secondary development, innovation and upgrading of PCB board modification, which can help the overall competitiveness of the electronics industry. The promotion.

It is understood that although international giants have established patent barriers, they are different from other industries in that because PCB copying has multiple technical routes and wide application fields, companies that are at a disadvantage in patent competition can use different technical routes such as PCB copying. Micro-innovation, differentiated board modification, development board customization, etc. bypass the existing patent barriers. In other words, under current conditions, domestic companies are not without the opportunity to break through the patent defense line woven by foreign companies.