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Low-speed electric vehicle PCB ushered in the spring
PCB Tech
Low-speed electric vehicle PCB ushered in the spring

Low-speed electric vehicle PCB ushered in the spring


   Low-speed electric vehicle PCB copy board ushered in spring

  Why do you feel that the spring of PCB copy board for low-speed electric vehicles is here? It is because low-speed electric vehicles were originally modified from imitating golf carts, but we can generalize that low-speed electric vehicles are "cottage cars." "Copycat" mainly refers to simple imitation, assembly, and piece together, but the appearance is similar, but the product is very inferior; and although the threshold of low-speed electric vehicles is low, it is an industry that benefits the people and the people. Because of the low price and convenient use, There is a promising market in small and medium-sized cities. At the same time, the application of low-speed electric vehicles is also conducive to the formation of a benign ecology of domestic new energy vehicles.

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   Low-speed electric vehicle PCB copy board is legalized

   At present, China is still in a dual economic structure, and the existence of low-speed electric vehicles is reasonable. At the same time, PCB copy boards are accelerating the development of low-speed electric vehicles in the direction of benefiting the people, just like the rapid popularization of smart phones in China. In the past, there was no clear statement on vehicle model definition, technical standards, applicable traffic safety regulations, etc., which also led to the proliferation of copycat manufacturers and copycat models. But after the "regularization", under the agreement of relevant standards and regulations, low-speed electric vehicle PCB copy board will also move towards a more "legalized" trend.

   Low-speed electric vehicle PCB copy board needs to be adapted to local conditions

   For low-speed electric vehicle PCB copy board, it does not only refer to a full set of copy clones. Although most domestic manufacturers refer to the standards of the European Union, Japan and other countries, we often seek differentiation based on local characteristics and local conditions. Therefore, after the PCB copy board returns the schematic diagram, BOM list, PCB file and other complete production technical data, further research and development will be carried out, and the secondary development of PCB modification or software and hardware functions will be carried out. The four-wheel low-speed electric vehicles that have been successfully developed include: golf carts and modified vehicles, sightseeing vehicles, vintage cars, hunting vehicles, off-road vehicles, special vehicles (such as aerial work vehicles, urban sweepers, garbage trucks, etc.), police patrols Cars, simple buses, mini-electric cars, etc.

   The gentleman said: "You can't learn. Green is taken from blue, and blue is blue; ice, water is it, but cold is water." This sentence can not be used to describe the PCB copy board of low-speed electric vehicles. Low speed is not low safety, and low price is not cheap. While looking forward to the policy liberalization, Core Valley Technology, a professional electric vehicle copy board manufacturer, is also constantly paying attention to the new trends in the development of electric vehicles in the world, increasing the research and development of products and improving the body. The safety level of this enables small electric vehicles to truly achieve sustainable development.