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The spring of computer PCB copy board is here
PCB Tech
The spring of computer PCB copy board is here

The spring of computer PCB copy board is here


Following the Prism Gate incident in the United States, Snowden recently broke the US surveillance scandal, and China is the biggest victim. According to relevant documents, the United States not only monitors many former state leaders and banks in China, but also monitors the communication records of the Chinese communications manufacturer Huawei's headquarters server and its founder Ren Zhengfei for 5 years. Such intelligence activities are not only limited to Huawei. They have brought serious challenges to the Chinese military and also ushered in huge opportunities for the domestic computer industry. Government departments and related enterprises unite to resist foreign software and hardware equipment, and hope to increase the level of localization of computer equipment through PCB copy board innovation and innovation.

    The computer sector PCB copy board ushered in a strategic opportunity

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    "National advancement and foreign retreat" is a strategic opportunity for PCB copying in the computer sector. China's network communication companies and reverse engineering companies should focus on them. If you want to quickly realize the localization of the IT industry and ensure China's information security, PCB copy board is undoubtedly the best choice. For a long time, more than 90% of China's five core technologies, including high-performance computers, operating systems, database technologies, network exchange technologies, and information resource libraries, have been monopolized by foreign IT giants. To control your own information security, going to IOE and localized substitution will be an inevitable choice.

    PCB copy board innovation drives to IOE and localized substitution

    However, de-IOE and localized substitution are not driven by government policies. To achieve this kind of substitution, we can only rely on independent innovation or PCB copy board innovation to win customers with cost-effective products. The customer's choice is not because it is a domestic product, but because it can provide safer, more reliable and cost-effective products for the needs of Chinese users. It is understood that a company's PCB copy board reverse research technology can not only help Chinese companies quickly grasp the design principles of foreign advanced equipment, but also can further develop after digestion and absorption, and improve the level of equipment localization PCB design.

    The way out for domestic computers: copy board customization and micro-innovation

    Of course, the essence of PCB copying is not as simple as copying and cloning PCB files, returning to the schematic diagram, and making BOM lists, but the copying board manufacturers can make micro-innovations on the basis of existing products or circuit boards according to the needs of Chinese users. And comprehensively surpass foreign products in terms of cost performance, this is the way out for Chinese copy board companies and computer manufacturers. In the face of sophisticated and complex products such as computer chips, operating systems, and software that are easy to leave backdoors or loopholes, with the help of PCB copying technology, it can be discovered and repaired in time, and on this basis, software and hardware functions can be secondary developed. Secondary development is a typical situation driven by PCB copy board innovation. To really play this strategy, you need to have a deep understanding of the specific industry and find out the kind of true innovation and truly influential innovation value. Because they are not only limited to the technologies involved in the existing products, they can only say that the technologies involved in the secondary development may require the most funds to supplement, and as long as the innovation value points are truly found, the fruits that are waiting will be sweet. Otherwise, blindly follow the trend and imitate, chase high, and eat not only bitter fruit, but also poison.

    "Country advances, oceans retreat", this is a historical opportunity that cannot be waited, waited, and slackened. Faced with this kind of opportunity, do not easily deviate from the course of PCB copying. Legally using PCB copying is to protect your own rights and interests. It is not a so-called infringement. For example, the United States uses backdoors or loopholes in exported hardware and software to remotely monitor People in the information system of other countries can be regarded as illegal acts of stealing. I believe that with the support of the government and related enterprises, the spring of domestic computer PCB copy board will come soon!