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Positioning device urgently needs PCB upgrade
PCB Tech
Positioning device urgently needs PCB upgrade

Positioning device urgently needs PCB upgrade


  The application of positioning device and the development gap between domestic and foreign

    It is understood that domestic and foreign enterprises and research institutions have developed a variety of positioning devices. Currently, the devices are mainly used in transportation, smart city management, disaster relief, surveying and mapping, logistics, agriculture, etc. Some experts said that because foreign companies started early in the research and development of positioning technology, they not only mastered the core technology in this field, but also had high technical quality. Although domestic companies have also mastered a variety of positioning technologies, compared with foreign companies, there is still a certain gap in the positioning accuracy, signal processing capabilities, and anti-interference capabilities of positioning devices. Therefore, the use of PCB copy board to upgrade the core technology research and development of domestic positioning device is a good way to "lost and recover".

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   Positioning device HP needs PCB copy board innovation and upgrade

   The research on high-end positioning devices has always restricted our core technology and core chip processing capabilities. The introduction of foreign technology and chips can only solve temporary needs. To improve the convenience of positioning devices, reduce costs, and cultivate user habits, mass popularization requires the digestion, absorption and re-innovation of PCB copying and chip decryption. As a reverse technology research method, PCB copy board reverse analysis of existing electronic products or circuit boards, 1:1 restore product PCB files, BOM lists, schematic diagrams and other technical production materials, can always grasp the latest product technology and Trend elements of the times. More importantly, in the process of copying the circuit board, the defects and loopholes in the original product PCB design can be found in time, technical repairs and product upgrades can be carried out, so as to improve the level of localization technology.

  The positioning technology market has a large space to be upgraded

    Positioning technology first appeared in the military field in the 1990s to provide precision guidance, battlefield monitoring, and individual combat system support. Later, it has gradually been widely used in commerce and scientific research. At present, the commonly used positioning technologies in the world include satellite positioning, cellular network positioning, WiFi positioning, inertial positioning, radio frequency identification positioning, Bluetooth positioning, PPD positioning, etc. This shows that its market demand is very large, and satellite positioning has become a major national information infrastructure. However, the key technologies and equipment quality of various navigation system receivers used in domestic positioning have to be upgraded and replaced by PCB copy boards.

The so-called PCB copy board upgrade is to repair defects after the copy board digests and absorb, carry out the secondary development of software and hardware functions, PCB change board or new PCB design, and continuously strengthen technical research and development efforts to improve core competitiveness. Such as narrow correlation, dual-frequency GPS, full-cycle ambiguity resolution, dual-mode receiver, Kalman filter and network RTK and other key positioning device innovation research and development, can continuously improve positioning accuracy, eliminate errors, and allow people to accurately find targets Where.