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PCB copy board has taken a broad road for China Electronics
PCB Tech
PCB copy board has taken a broad road for China Electronics

PCB copy board has taken a broad road for China Electronics


The United States promised to promote the export of high-tech products to China, which was a consensus reached at the 23rd China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade. As we all know, a large part of China's high-tech research is based on foreign advanced technology and products, and the core technology is highly dependent on foreign countries. This is a weakness in the development of national electronics. The question of whether China Electronics will continue to rely on foreign countries or establish itself has become a knot in the hearts of many people. However, from the perspective of the electronic core original PCB board, we can first bring new transformation opportunities to the Chinese electronics industry by learning from the advantages of foreign advanced technology. Century Core's PCB copy board technology may make it a reality.

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    Where is China Electronics going?

    In recent years, the United States has gradually adopted a policy of restricting exports to China in high-tech fields such as military products, dual-use products, wireless, chips, software, and radar. The control has become more stringent, and China's share of imported high-tech products has decreased significantly. At this meeting, the United States expressed that it will promote cooperation in high-tech between the two countries and relax export restrictions, which may make it possible for China to increase its share of imported high-tech products. However, people have different opinions on this. Some people say, "The United States does not allow Huawei and ZTE to enter the United States. China actually hopes that American things will continue to come in and may be controlled in the future." Others said, "Introduce more American high-tech products. , And then make high-tech products is also a way out."

    In fact, everything has both pros and cons. At this stage, the transformation of China's electronic PCB industry is inevitable. Only in this way can the original industrial structure be changed, highlight the advantages of national electronics, and go out of its own way. Circuit board copy board is the key technical means of national electronic transformation.

    Obtaining trade secrets of other businesses in an improper manner is a common act of unfair competition. The Supreme People’s Court of China announced on the 17th the “Interpretation on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Law in the Trial of Civil Cases of Unfair Competition”, which clearly stipulated for the first time that trade secrets obtained through self-development or reverse engineering shall not be recognized as the Anti-Unfair Competition Law The violation of trade secrets stipulated in the relevant articles.

    The role of copy board in promoting the transformation of national electronics

    The advancement of foreign science and technology makes us recognize and pursue the most, and copy board technology is the key way to explore foreign advanced technology and independent research and development innovation. As a reverse research technology, the circuit board copy board can explore the core technology of high-end electronic products in the shortest time, copy and clone it, and realize the secondary innovation and upgrade on its basis, and improve it to a greater extent. Product cost performance.

   It can realize the secondary development of products through its professional PCB copy board technology, manufacture products that are comparable to foreign high-end electronic products, and open a new research model for imported high-tech products, so that the company's technology can achieve a leap, and more It can accelerate the transformation of national electronics, and this will also open a broad road for the development of Chinese electronics.