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Use X-ray inspection equipment to detect defects in PCB
PCB Tech
Use X-ray inspection equipment to detect defects in PCB

Use X-ray inspection equipment to detect defects in PCB


X-ray machine, X-RAY inspection equipment, is an industrial X-ray machine inspection machine, usually industrial non-destructive inspection X-ray machine (lossless inspection), which can inspect various industrial components, electronic components, and the inside of circuits.

The PCB board is generally visually inspected manually, using a magnifying glass or a calibrated microscope, and visual inspection by the operator to determine whether the circuit board is qualified. And to determine when to perform correction operations, it is the most traditional detection method.

Its main advantages are lower up-front cost and no test fixture, while its main disadvantages are human subjective error, high long-term cost, discontinuous defect detection, and difficulty in data collection. At present, due to the increase in PCB production and the shrinking of the wire spacing and component volume on the PCB,

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this method has become increasingly infeasible.

Then the second method is to use X-ray inspection equipment to take advantage of the different absorption rates of X-rays of different substances to see through the parts that need to be inspected and find defects. It is mainly used to detect ultra-fine pitch and ultra-high-density circuit boards, as well as defects such as bridging, missing chips, and poor alignment during the assembly process. It can also use its tomographic imaging technology to detect internal defects of IC chips.

Now, let's take a look at how the X-ray inspection equipment inspects the circuit board.

The inspection equipment used is a German Yxlon X-ray machine, which is a high-resolution X-ray inspection equipment. It can be used for product development, sample trial production, failure analysis, process monitoring and mass product testing. It is widely used in various application fields such as electronic industry, micro system, assembly inspection, material inspection and product inspection.

The PCB circuit board is placed in the equipment, ready to start detecting internal defects, analyzing the quality of BGA soldering and embedded components.

Because PCB has a higher density, its solder joints are hidden, holes or blind holes, using X-ray inspection, it can penetrate into the interior well, and check the quality of the solder joints.

X-ray inspection

After X-ray scanning, a three-dimensional image is displayed on the computer screen, and the internal structure can be viewed clearly and intuitively. Holes, solder, short circuit, misalignment, lack of electrical components, etc. between pcb circuit boards. The use of x-ray inspection equipment not only achieves the purpose of non-destructive inspection, but also can clearly view the internal structure.

At present, most domestic and foreign manufacturers have begun to purchase X-rays as inspection equipment in large quantities, which is conducive to detecting defects in their products. It is possible to find the internal defects of the product more quickly, accurately and intuitively, and conduct a quick analysis to find the root cause of the defects.