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SMT work and main parts with insufficient air pressure
PCB Tech
SMT work and main parts with insufficient air pressure

SMT work and main parts with insufficient air pressure


Insufficient air pressure of SMT processing assembly machine

    On the SMT processing and laying machine production line, the pressure needs to be checked in time. If the pressure value of the production line is too low, it will produce many undesirable consequences. Therefore, the pressure should be checked in time. Now, please let us ask you if the pressure of the multi-function laying machine is insufficient. Introduce the following

    When our machine is running, because the air pressure is restricted by the machine, when the air pressure is lower or higher than the target value, the assembly machine will sound an alarm, and the relevant parts of the SMT processing assembly machine will also sound an alarm. Failed due to air pressure.

    1: Abnormal paper feeding: The paper feeder cannot feed paper normally. If the nozzle is working properly at this time, the nozzle may be damaged

    2: Abnormal stop: This will seriously affect the visual positioning of the printed circuit board in entertainment, and may cause the entertainment head to contact the printed circuit board.

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    3: Abnormal mounting head: the movement of the mounting head is affected, resulting in a lack of flexibility in conventional methods

    We know the hazard of too low air pressure in the SMT processing laminating machine, so we need to solve it. The reasons for low air pressure are generally advanced conditions such as deformation, damage, blockage, insufficient air pressure, air leakage, suction nozzle not inhaling normally, or material errors. We must change the cigarette holder frequently and maintain the cigarette holder frequently so that the operation of the patch can proceed smoothly.

Main parts of SMT placement machine

    SMT placement machine is a common way we usually paste it on an electronic device. There are many parts inside it to complete our production work. Do you know what the main parts are? Don't worry, I will explain it carefully for you.

    1: A fixed head

    The mounting head is a sensor that can help the mounting machine to perform various tasks and production in the production of the mounting machine. It may be very good to help our SMT machine improve assembly efficiency. When it comes to frame design, the mounting head is an important factor in the operation of the mounting machine. The SMT installation machine hopes to improve the accuracy and speed according to the design of the installation head. Therefore, when the SMT assembly machine performs fast and accurate assembly, attention must be paid to the design and use of the assembly head.

    2: Mouthpiece

    The function of the suction nozzle is to absorb and install components. For different types of nozzles, we also need different types of nozzles. When the nozzle moves, a negative vacuum pressure is generated inside the nozzle. When the suction nozzle touches the components of the assembly machine, the components will be firmly absorbed by the negative pressure under vacuum, and then released to the designated position by the positioning of the system. This series of actions is the function of the suction nozzle to help the laying machine. The suction nozzle is the most easily damaged part of the entire SMT system, so it must be replaced in time.

    3: Solenoid valve

    SMT patch electromechanical solenoid valve is divided into pneumatic solenoid valve and electric solenoid valve, which is an important part of our SMT placement machine. The function of the solenoid valve is to interact with the system and manage other instruments through operations such as moving, picking up, and releasing. The driving force of the solenoid valve is very small, so the solenoid valve can be directly driven by the circuit controller we usually use.