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Understand the benefits of PCB copy board decryption
PCB Tech
Understand the benefits of PCB copy board decryption

Understand the benefits of PCB copy board decryption


  What are the benefits of PCB copy board decryption? For example, if there is a good product on the market, the product that just went on the market will surely sell well and be expensive. Especially things from abroad.

  PCB copy board decryption is actually a printed circuit board, copying the circuit board. This is an operation in the opposite direction. The circuit board contains a lot of electronic information and electronic components. And this kind of reverse operation step mainly uses electronic printing technology for corresponding operation.

  There are certain prerequisites for the decryption of the PCB copy board. If you want to operate this step, you need to have the physical object of the electronic product and the physical object of the circuit board. Then carry on the corresponding analysis to the circuit board, crack the code among them and so on. It can restore the pictures in the circuit board 1:1. After that, the pcb copy board is used to carry out the corresponding operation, so that all the copying processes in the electronic product can be completed.

  Is PCB pirated? In fact, some people have a certain misunderstanding about PCB copying. The PCB copy board is not imitated, but is the same as the original electronic version, and it can even be upgraded on the original technology. The purpose of PCB copy board technology is to learn newer electronic circuit design technology, comprehensively absorb a variety of design solutions, and develop high-quality products.

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  PCB copy board decryption is a reverse technology, which mainly uses this technology to obtain PCB design circuits and some circuit schematics in excellent electronic products. The advantages of this technology are very obvious. It may be said that sometimes it takes a long time for some people to develop a circuit board, but under this technology, it takes a very short time to develop a high-quality circuit board. It may take others to develop something for several years, but with the help of this technology, a high-quality circuit board can be produced in a few months or even less.

  The existence of PCB copy board decryption technology has a significant impact on the development of our electronics industry. In the past few years, the update speed of electronic products is very fast, even every other year. For many developing countries, using this technology allows you to step on top of higher-end technology. But it is not a simple process to perform pcb copy board operation, it is not you can solve the problem with your own strength. What you need to do is to analyze and decrypt the circuit board for you with the help of a strong technical team.

  Before copying the circuit board, the first step to operate is to unload the components on the circuit board. This process is the most difficult. Because there are many small parts and large parts here, they need to be restored after the disassembly is completed. Therefore, when disassembling, it is best to scan every step of the disassembly to ensure that it is foolproof.

  The benefits of PCB copy board decryption are win-win, isn't it? Your taste, your fine taste.

Circuit board copy board (PCB copy board) can copy out the PCB data of the circuit board 1:1, and then back out the schematic diagram according to the BOM (bill of materials). According to the schematic diagram, we can analyze the advantages and disadvantages of similar products in design, so as to improve us PCB product design. Newton once said: I see far because I stand on the shoulders of giants! Product design cannot be done based only on your own knowledge and experience. You need to know more about your peers, especially standing on the shoulders of giants to see farther. This is the greatest significance of PCB copying (PCB copying).