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Overview PCB copy board proofing and schematic diagram
PCB Tech
Overview PCB copy board proofing and schematic diagram

Overview PCB copy board proofing and schematic diagram


The prerequisite operating conditions for PCB copy board proofing is to have the physical object of the electronic product and the physical object of the circuit board before the corresponding operation can be carried out. This operation is a process of reverse operation. The main purpose is to use the original documents and bill of materials on the circuit board to print it 1:1. After obtaining these electronic files, you can make the corresponding plates.

If the PCB circuit board is copied and proofed, the first step that needs to be carried out is to unload the various components, and then obtain the pure circuit board. And after scanning the circuit board, the corresponding file information is obtained. In the process of scanning, you must correspond according to the corresponding position. After obtaining the files, the original small parts are welded, and then the circuit is debugged accordingly, and finally a complete circuit board is copied.

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In fact, there are many professional PCB circuit board copying companies, which can not only complete the copying steps, but also complete the proofing of the circuit board for you smoothly. This is a very high-tech activity. Many people will have such a question, that is, what is the price of the copy board of the PCB circuit board. In fact, it depends on how thick the circuit board you want to copy, and what its size is, what is the wiring density, and how many components there are in total.

PCB copying is not imitating, but the most comprehensive restoration, restoring to every small detail. So as long as you have a sample of the circuit board, you can find a professional company to copy the board for you. After the board copy is completed, the R&D and update of the board can be carried out. I believe that under this technology, your company's products can be updated. It can also give you a better choice.

The final result of PCB copy board proofing depends on how you choose. When you choose a highly professional company, there will be no errors in the proofing process. It is important to know that there are many small parts on the circuit board. If one of the small parts has a loophole, it will affect the final result. Therefore, no matter when, PCB copy board needs to have professional skills, and professional things are done by professional people.

PCB circuit board copy proofing is carried out without any electronic document production materials, and the only resources you can use are circuit board samples. In order to be able to save the company's production costs and development costs. What you can do is to take a certain way to copy the board. In this way, you can achieve the ultimate goal and get the production documents you need. And the cost is very small. So if a small company or an individual wants to copy the board, it is the best choice to find a professional company to do it.

We drew the schematic like this

Schematic diagrams are commonly known as circuit diagrams. Circuit diagrams are graphs drawn by people with agreed symbols to represent the circuit structure for research and engineering needs. You can know the actual circuit situation through the circuit diagram. Circuit elements are represented by conventional symbols in graphics, and the lines connecting the symbols represent wires. Basic circuit diagrams are often used in engineering and construction projects.

In the process of PCB design, understanding PCB design principles is the most basic process. PCB design is a technical activity, relying on PCB design principles, drawing area and working parameters as basic requirements, and then mastering the placement method and wiring sequence of various components can truly realize the copying work of PCB circuit boards.

At present, the power supply circuits of our electronic products mainly include linear power supplies and high-frequency switching power supplies. From a theoretical point of view, the linear power supply means how much current the majority of users need, so how much current the input terminal must provide; while the switching power supply means how much power the majority of users need, and how much power the input terminal needs to provide. .

So what are the functional components of the linear power supply? In the process of mastering the principles of PCB design, it is not difficult to find that the linear power supply is composed of functional components such as rectification, filtering, voltage stabilization, and energy storage. At the same time, the generally used linear power supply is a series regulated power supply, and the output current is equal to the input current, that is, I1=I2+I3, I3 is the reference terminal, and the current is very small, so I1≈I3. The reason why we talk about current is because in the principle of PCB design, the width of each line is not randomly set during the design, but is determined according to the current between the component nodes in the schematic (for details, please refer to "PCB Design Copper Platinum Thickness, line width and current relationship table "). To sum up one point: only when the current size and current flow direction are clear, can we ensure that the PCB circuit board copy board is done properly.