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Future development trend of the Internet in the PCB industry
PCB Tech
Future development trend of the Internet in the PCB industry

Future development trend of the Internet in the PCB industry


 As we all know, PCB circuit boards are high pollution, high energy consumption, high investment, labor-intensive industries. During the transition period, enterprises face many problems. In terms of environmental protection, due to the continuous improvement of the country's environmental protection requirements in recent years, the policies formulated have become more and more stringent, which has increased the environmental pressure of enterprises;

In terms of the cost of PCB circuit boards, not only must the international raw material prices continue to rise under the high inflation environment, but also the sharp increase in worker wage costs brought about by the implementation of the new labor law; coupled with the appreciation of the renminbi, Southeast Asian countries have a low cost With many external factors such as the rise of the manufacturing industry,

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many low-end manufacturers in the PCB industry have even reached the point of life and death. The various cost control methods adopted by many companies are nothing more than lowering wages and saving raw material money, but these saved costs and expenses are very limited and cannot fundamentally solve the problem. Some circuit board companies may also lack investment in R&D and marketing, leading to unbalanced development and losing their core competitiveness. Although some companies have considered cost issues and started to move to the Midwest to reduce labor costs, in fact, they have increased other design, R&D, and logistics costs, which is not cost-effective in the long run.

Although there are still many PCB circuit board companies that choose to believe in the traditional PCB design, production, sales, operation, and management models, and there are still many doubts about the Internet, so they are in a wait-and-see state, but some companies have already tried the water first. Integrate the circuit board industry with the Internet to create a new type of circuit board cloud platform in product design; in engineering operations, realize the full automation of Internet management; in terms of sales and management, Internet thinking is the leading factor. Of course, some of these companies have also benefited from it and achieved remarkable results.

   The popularization of information technology and software applications has promoted the development of various industries. The emergence of "Internet +" thinking has subverted the industrial structure of certain industries and expanded people's horizons. This thinking was first introduced into the service industry and then extended to the field of industrial production. Of course, this thinking also brings a ray of spring breeze to the PCB industry.

  The PCB circuit board industry has been developing for many years, but the follow-up growth in recent years has been weak, and it is not optimistic. There are news reports that more than 10% of PCB companies disappear every year in China. The emergence of this situation is closely related to the changes in the industrial structure brought about by the development of the times. Only through change, the PCB circuit board industry can survive in the reality of fierce competition.