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Basic structure and basic functions of PCB
PCB Tech
Basic structure and basic functions of PCB

Basic structure and basic functions of PCB


Usually, a printed circuit board, a printed component or a conductive pattern made of a combination of the two made on an insulating material according to a predetermined design is called a printed circuit; a conductive pattern that provides electrical connections between components on an insulating substrate is called a conductive pattern It is a printed circuit; and the printed circuit board is called a printed circuit board (Printed Circuit Board, PCB), or printed circuit board for short.

The substrate of the printed circuit is made of insulating and heat-insulating materials that are not easy to bend. The small traces that can be seen on the surface are copper foil. The copper foil was originally covered on the entire board, but part of it was etched away during the manufacturing process, and the remaining part became a network of small traces. Lines are called wires or wiring, which are used to provide circuit connections for parts on the PCB.

pcb board

PCB is almost used in all kinds of electronic equipment, such as electronic toys, mobile phones, computers and so on. As long as there are electronic components such as integrated circuits, PCBs are used for electrical interconnection between them

PCB composition

A complete PCB composition is mainly composed of the following 5 parts

Insulation base material: generally made of phenolic paper base, epoxy paper base or epoxy glass cloth.

Copper foil surface: The copper foil surface is the main body of the PCB. It consists of an exposed pad and a copper foil circuit covered by green oil. The pad is used for soldering components.

Solder mask: used to protect the copper foil circuit, made of high temperature resistant solder resist.

Character layer: It is used to mark the number and symbol of components, which is convenient for circuit identification during PCB processing.

Hole: used for substrate processing, component installation, product assembly, and connection between copper foil circuits at different levels

The green or brown on the PCB is the color of the solder mask. This layer is an insulating protective cover, which can protect the copper wire and prevent the parts from being welded to the wrong place. There will be another layer of screen printing surface printed on the solder mask, usually words and symbols (mostly white) will be printed on this to mark the position of each part on the PCB. The screen printing surface is also called the icon surface.

Function of PCB

1. Provide mechanical support PCB provides mechanical support for fixing and assembly of various electronic components such as integrated circuits.

2. Realize electrical connection or electrical insulation PCB also realizes electrical insulation between various electronic components such as integrated circuits.

3. Other functions The PCB circuit board provides solder mask graphics for automatic assembly, and also provides identification and graphics for the insertion, inspection and maintenance of electronic components.

The above is an introduction to the basic structure and basic functions of the PCB.