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PCB Screen Printing Process in PCB Manufacturing
PCB Tech
PCB Screen Printing Process in PCB Manufacturing

PCB Screen Printing Process in PCB Manufacturing


With the continuous development of PCB screen printing technology, new PCB screen printing materials are used in PCB manufacturing industry. PCB screen printing process and testing equipment have been improved day by day, making the current PCB screen printing process technology can adapt to high-density PCB production. Silk PCB screen printing has three main applications in PCB manufacturing:

A. Application of solder resistance layer on PCB surface;

B. Graphic transfer process of PCB and application of anti-corrosion and anti-electroplating coating;

C. Application of PCB surface marker symbols.

PCB screen printing

PCB Screen PCB Screen Printing Material

1.PCB Screen mesh

PCB screen is the most important component of PCB screen printing, because it is the key to control ink fluidity and printing thickness, and it determines the durability of screen and quality switch manufacturing technology is widely used. In addition, the combination of screen and screen photosensitive materials is also of high quality. An important factor for high precision PCB screen printing. In order to ensure a good combination of Screen mesh and photosensitive material, the traditional way is to coarsen and degrease the new Screen mesh, which can guarantee the quality of the screen and prolong the service life of the Screen mesh.

2. Photosensitive materials for PCB board

Diazo photosensitizer is commonly used in PCB board photosensitive materials. Photosensitive diaphragm, etc. Diazo type photosensitive emulsion is widely used in screen printing of silk PCB. Photosensitive diaphragm has uniform and controllable film thickness. High resolution. High definition. Wear-resisting. Due to its strong adhesion to the screen, it has been widely used in character printing on printed boards.

3. PCB Frame

The material of the frame and the shape of the cross section are very important. Relative to a certain size of the frame, if the frame is not strong enough, the consistency of tension cannot be guaranteed. High tension aluminium mesh frames are now commonly used.

With the development of PCB screen printing technology, PCB screen printing technology plays an increasingly important role in PCB circuit board manufacturing. Its application not only improves the production efficiency of PCB circuit board, reduces the production cost of PCB circuit board, but also improves the processing quality of PCB circuit board. On the other hand, due to the study of PCB screen printing materials. The development and application, especially the development of functional ink, has made the application of screen printing of silk PCB more diverse and expanded, such as silver paste printing in film switch manufacturing technology. Printing and template manufacturing of solder paste in SMT manufacturing technology; Application of strippable ink for PCB circuit board, etc.