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Technologie PCB
Version complète du processus de production des BPC
Technologie PCB
Version complète du processus de production des BPC

Version complète du processus de production des BPC


Complete Version of Circuits imprimés Production Processus

Today brings you a complete version of the Circuits imprimés production process, J'espère que vous comprendrez mieux Circuits imprimés production!

Circuits imprimés--Cut Lamination

Objective: according to the requirements of the engineering data M- moi., the large sheet meeting the requirements is cut into small pieces of production sheet and small pieces to meet the requirements of customers

Process: large board cutting according to MI requirements

Circuits imprimés--Drill hole

Objective: according to the engineering data, drill the required hole diameter at the corresponding position on the plate with the required size

Process: lamination - put on board - drilling - put off board - inspection / Réparation

Circuits imprimés--PTH

Objective: to deposit a thin layer of copper on the wall of insulating hole by chemical method

Process: rough grinding - hanging plate - automatic copper sinking line - lower plate - dilute H2SO4 - increase copper

Circuits imprimés--Dry film

Objective: graphic transfer is to transfer the image on the production Rapport au Conseil d'administration

Process: (solder mask process): board grinding - printing the first side - drying - printing the second side - drying - exposure - developing - inspection( Dry film process: pressing film - standing - alignment - exposure - standing - developing - inspection)

Circuits imprimés--Etching

Objective: etching is to use chemical reaction method to remove the copper layer of non circuit parts

Circuits imprimés--Solder mask

Objective: solder mask is to transfer the graphics of green ink, film to the board, so as to protect the circuit and prevent the tin on the circuit when welding parts

Process: grinding plate - printing photosensitive green oil - curium plate - exposure - development; board grinding - printing the first side - drying plate - printing the second side - drying plate

Circuits imprimés--Silk screen

Objective: silk screen is a kind of mark which is easy to identify

Process: solder mask after final curium - cooling and standing - screen adjustment - character printing - back curium

Circuits imprimés--Surface treament

Objective: to coat a nickel / gold layer with the required thickness on the plug finger, so as to make it have more hardness and wear resistance

Process: grinding board - degreasing - twice water washing - micro erosion - twice water washing - pickling - copper plating - water washing - nickel board - washing - gold plating

Circuits imprimés--Outline

Objective: through the mold stamping or CNC gongs machine gongs out of the customer needs the shape forming method, Gong biologique, Bureau de la bière, gongs, hand cut

Note: the accuracy of data gong machine board and beer board is higher than that of hand Gong, and hand cutting board can only make some simple shapes

Circuits imprimés--Test

Objective: to detect the open circuit, short circuit and other defects that are difficult to find by visual inspection

Process: mold loading - board setting - test - qualified - FQC visual inspection - unqualified - repair - return to test - OK - reject - scrap

Circuits imprimés--Final inspection

Objective: through 100% visual inspection of plate appearance defects, and repair minor defects, to avoid problems and defective plate outflow

Specific work process: incoming materials - check data - visual inspection - qualified - FQA spot check - qualified - packaging - unqualified - treatment - check -OK

So, Ce qui précède concerne Circuits imprimés, if you have any other suggestions, iPCB are welcome to communicate with you.

Circuits imprimés Process

Flux de processus des circuits imprimés