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The process of PCB Automatic Quotation System

  • Fill in PCB Require

  • Upload PCB file

  • Check Gerber

  • Confirm Array

  • Online payment

  • Finish order

Why did you choose ipcb®?

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  • Quick Response

    ipcb invented an online PCB Automatic Quotation System(PAQS), shorten time from product development to production with each link. Which means products launching time earlier.

  • Leading technology

    Over ten years of development ,We growing year on year continues to add technology and capacity. PCB technology from normal board to RF pcb board,microwave PCB board,Multilayer FPCB,Rigid-flexible PCB board,HDI PCB board,complex Multilayer PCB board etc.

  • Sincere Cooperation

    We are looking for a win-win business with our customers,There is no small or big customer in our company culture, Always do our best to provide an excellent service is our goal.

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  • Solid Material

    Wide range of material options,Brand material suppliers, such as: Isola, Panasonic, TUC, ITEQ, Shengyi, KB, Rogers, Arlon, Taconic etc. Stock materials:fr408,370hr,tu872,ro4350b,ro4003c,rt5880,ro3010,ro3003,rf35,tly5, megtron4,megtron6,s1000-2,it180,f4bm custom pcb.

  • Fast Delivery

    Support FR-4 pcb,Multilayer pcb,HDI pcb board,Ceramic pcb,PTFE pcb,Hybrid pcb,Hydrocarbon pcb,Teflon pcb,rfpcb,Rogers pcb,Taconic pcb. Advanced PCB ERP tracking management system leads the industry in delivery time, PCB On-time delivery rate above 95%.

  • Quality Control

    Strict quality control system guaranteed us one of the most experienced printed circuit board PCB manufacturer in China with over 10 years.PCB factory of ipcb professional fabrication pcb prototype,IPC Class III standard can be selected based on customer’s requirements.

  • ipcb Mission

    Our Mission
    Innovation and Communication with world
    Provide high quality and Solutions for customers

  • ipcb Vision

    Our Vision
    Internet + PCB manufacturing industry
    Building PCB Smart Factory of Industry 4.0

  • ipcb Values

    Our Values
    High Quality PCB and Efficency PCB
    Integrity,Win-Win and People-Riented

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