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Custom PCB

Custom PCB

Custom PCB

Custom PCB

Is Custom PCB right for you?

You have chosen Custom PCB for your PCB design. Rather than buying ready-made electronic products. But what is the next step?

This decision is likely to be based on workload. Although the benefits of Custom PCB work are greater, the following are some considerations for the cost-benefit ratio of Custom PCB and standard PCB.

What are the factors that affect the cost of Custom PCB?

If you decide to outsource Custom PCB to iPCB. In addition to transportation and other factors other than production, your Custom PCB cost will depend on:

Custom PCB design

iPCB cooperates with customers to formulate the scope of work according to the required specifications and quote the project cost to help achieve the design requirements. The experienced design team of iPCB should be able to inform you where your concept may be lacking in design for manufacturability.

Custom PCB

PCB schematic design

PCB schematic design is to realize the functions required by the circuit designer according to the circuit schematic diagram. PCB design mainly refers to layout design, which needs to consider the layout of external connections. Optimized layout of internal electronic components, optimized layout of metal wires and through holes, electromagnetic protection, heat dissipation and other factors. Excellent PCB design can save PCB production cost and obtain good circuit performance and heat dissipation performance.

PCB Layout

As a part of hardware design, PCB layout is also a very important part; When the hardware circuit design is reasonable, it is an absolutely important index affecting the performance.

PCB prototype fabrication

PCB prototypes fabrication by iPCB include:

Rogers PCB series, Arlon PCB series, Taconic PCB series, nelco PCB series, Isola PCB (Isola 370hr, Isola fr408) and polytetrafluoroethylene PCB, PTFE PCB, ceramic PCB, hydrocarbon PCB, hybrid PCB, IC substrate, IC test board and high- speed PCB.

Pcb prototype manufacturing capability of ipcb:

PCB thickness: 0.10-8.0mm (1 and 2 layers) 0.15-8.0mm (multiple layers), minimum finished board size: 0.5 * 1.0mm, high frequency mixing pressure layer: 4-32 layers. For details, please click: technical capability of high frequency mixing board.

Before delivering it to production (waiting for customer approval), the engineers built a prototype to solve any problems in the design.

Once the bill of materials is developed from the design, the prototype is referenced. However, some customers have already completed the design and only need the contract manufacturer to assemble the prototype, so this will be the first step.

PCB testing

iPCB works with customers to test products and designs customized functional test fixtures and procedures when needed. Depending on your project and industry, PCBs may have to meet certain requirements, such as RoHS or IPC 6011.

Some customers may have developed their own testing procedures and require iPCB to follow and implement their requirements throughout the testing process. Then, iPCB provides conformity certification along with the product.

Custom PCBA manufacturing

iPCB sets up a dedicated engineering team for custom PCBA manufacturing, and works closely with your team before starting production. Before manufacturing, conduct a "PCB manufacturing design" and new product launch meeting to review all processes.

Then it's offline!

Outsourcing Custom PCB not only allows you to test in accordance with more stringent standards, but also gives you the opportunity to create a circuit board that matches your design instead of matching your design to a prefabricated circuit board.

The development trend of electronic products is that customers hope to obtain customized products tailored to individual needs. This can be through a fully customized product or a semi-custom product built from the ground up that adds or changes features and components on a mass-produced project. An example of a semi-custom product is a digital camera, which can be modified with new hardware or software. In order to support this new feature, equipment manufacturers need to maintain flexibility in the design and manufacturing process, especially in Custom PCB. Although it may take longer production time to provide customized versions of products, Custom PCB can also increase competitiveness and bring more business.

When your customers or customers request customized products or change your existing products, your team needs to ensure that you can deliver. Custom PCBs that can be designed to be used and added can help you reduce production costs without sacrificing custom options that are welcomed by the audience. Using the largest component library when designing PCBs can integrate the functions and options of your products and applications to a new level.

Who needs Custom PCB?

If you don’t have design and engineering capabilities in-house, a full-service electronic contract manufacturer (iPCB) can put its engineering staff into production. Custom PCB can also help with further development to test at the board level and test the box as needed Built function.

If you already have a custom design, iPCB can use its manufacturing and assembly skills. iPCB uses a variety of test methods to test PCBs and components, and conforms to industry standards.

Is Custom PCB right for you?

In short, your needs for Custom PCB design will depend on the budget and complexity of your project, as well as your commitment to quality.

To determine whether the quantity of your product is worth the cost of Custom PCB, please cooperate with iPCB, iPCB can provide in-depth benefit comparison and Custom PCB cost calculation for your review.