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PCB Layout

Shorten PCB layout design cycle for you.

PCB Layout

Shorten PCB layout design cycle for you.

PCB Layout is based on a PCB circuit schematic diagram to achieve the functions needed by the circuit designer. Excellent PCB Layout design can save production costs and improve PCBA performance. This is what is PCB Layout design? PCB layout means printed circuit board layout.

PCB layout design is a part of hardware design, it is also a very important part; In the case of reasonable hardware circuit design, it is an absolutely important index that affects the performance. Now many PCB layout engineers complete PCB layout according to the constraint rules given by PCB layout engineers or product hardware engineers.

IPCB provides exceptional PCB layout services. Our expertise covers minimizing layer count for high-volume low-cost products to 48+ layers complex boards. We have the experience and training to correctly design noise-sensitive sections of the design.

IPCB provide specialist design solutions covering all aspects of PCB layout embracing the following board technologies, including:

Single PCB, 2 layer PCB, multilayer PCB, High-speed backplanes PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB, flexible PCB, HDI PCB, Blind & buried Micro-Vias PCB, Stacked Micro-Via Impedance controlled PCB, Matched lengths/timings, Analogue and digital, Crosstalk Timing controlled, Signal integrity Analysis, PCB Simulation, Differential / balanced pairs.

PCB Layout

How to make PCB layout?

How to make a PCB layout from a circuit diagram?

1. The basic requirement of PCB layout is to ensure that all networks are connected effectively. Connectivity is easy to achieve, and efficiency is a vague concept. In fact, there are no more than two kinds of digital and analog signals in the circuit. For the digital circuit, it is to ensure enough noise tolerance. For the analog signal, it is to achieve zero loss as far as possible. The layout is to place the circuit elements reasonably. How to place that is reasonable, a simple principle is that the modular division is clear, that is, someone with a certain circuit base can see which piece is used to achieve what function by getting your PCB.

2. Specific design steps for PCB layout: first, according to the schematic diagram, generate the initial PCB file, complete the pre-layout of the PCB, determine a relative PCB Layout area, then tell the structure that the structure is based on the area we give, and then give specific constraints according to the overall structure design.

3. Before PCB Layout wiring, it is generally necessary to understand the entire PCB board cascade design, that is, to plan all the wiring layers as an optimal wiring layer, a suboptimal wiring layer, an optimal wiring layer, which is the complete ground level of adjacent interviews. This layer is generally used to distribute important signals (including all signals in DDR, differential signals, analog signals, etc.). Other signals (I2C, UART, SPI, GPIO) go to other layers and ensure that only the circuit-related signals (such as DDR, network ports, etc.) exist in important areas. Draw the board edges, positioning ports, and some prohibition zones according to the constraints of the structure, and then complete the placement of the connectors.

4. Placement principle of PCB components: In general, the master MCU is placed in the center of the board, then the interface circuit is placed close to the interface (e.g. mesh, USB, VGA, etc.), and most of the interfaces have ESD protection and filter processing. The principle followed is protection before filtering.

5. Power modules of PCB, generally the main power modules are placed at the power entrance (e.g. system 5V), and discrete power modules (e.g. 2.5V supplied by the module circuit) can be placed in places where the same power network is dense according to the actual situation. Power supply and power circuit, first of all, must ensure enough carrying capacity, that is, the power supply's entire return circuit strength is as thick and short as possible, called from the EMC angle, the return circuit is a loop, forming a loop antenna, radiating to the outside, so as to reduce the area of the loop as much as possible.

6. PCB layout has some internal circuits that are not lead to plug-ins. We generally follow such basic principles as high-speed and low-speed zoning, analog and digital zoning, interference source, and sensitive receptor zoning.

7. For a single circuit module, follow the current flow direction when the circuit is designed.

iPCB's PCB layout methodology will ensure product performance, time-to-market, unit cost, and manufacturing yield requirements are met. ipcb will simulate to provide a 'right first-time' guarantee in the critical areas of impedance, crosstalk, and signal integrity. This exercise will remove the impact of rework on cost and time scales. Our simulation results will allow design steps to be taken that significantly reduce design risk.

Pre & Post PCB System Level Signal Integrity

Timing and crosstalk analysis, Topology and termination strategies, Guideline generation, Margin analysis (SI and Timing), Stackup and routing guidelines, Decoupling and power delivery analysis, Ball/bump/pad assignment, Design reviews for good engineering practices

Typical work includes

Working with customers to develop and understand system environment, Developing critical signal quality checks, 2D/3D electromagnetic modeling, Clock system design/review, Pre, layout solution space analysis, Define decoupling strategy, Pre,/post, layout power system design, and analysis, I/O buffer selection, Topology and termination definition, Identify critical timing requirements, Build libraries (IO buffers, Interconnect, Package, Connectors), Develop physical and electrical design rules post, layout verification, Power integrity analysis

ipcb has a professional PCB design team, professional staff, and professional services; More than 8 years of industry experience per capita, more than 15 years of senior staff.

ipcb mainly uses cadence Allegro, pads, PROTEL, and other software, which can independently complete the PCB layout design of PC motherboard, industrial control board, notebook motherboard, medical devices, mobile phones, digital cameras, communication electronics, optical networks, and other electronic products such as high-speed, high-density, digital-analog hybrid.

ipcb engineers have an extremely detailed and thorough understanding of multi-layer PCB boards and have a better understanding of the structure and routing rules of high-end PCB boards with blind holes and buried holes.

Bus involved

I2C bus, SPI bus, can bus, ISA bus, EISA bus, VEAS bus, PCI bus, VME bus, VPX bus, RS232, RS485, RS422 bus, USB bus

high-speed serial bus involved

High-speed serial lines such as PCIe, SIPO, SATA, SAS, SFP, XAUI, etc., with frequency ranging from 1.5gbps to 28gbps and signal rate up to 1g-10g

Industrial control project

We have rich experience in PC, PLC, DCS, FCS, CNC, high-power x86 architecture, and low-power arm architecture;

Haswell, sandy bridge, core, and bay trail have been processed.

Communication equipment

Focus on high-speed PCB design, have more than 10 years of experience in signal processing integrity, power integrity, and overall layout and planning;

The main control platform includes FBGA, arm, and DSP. The main design areas are CPCI, ATCA, VME, and PXI;

Have rich experience in processing sfp10g optical port, high-speed connector, and high-speed signal (3.125g 5g 6.25g 10g);

Signal processing to reduce crosstalk, reflection, loss as the premise.

Consumer electronics

Focus on lamination and process requirements of HDI blind hole design;

The main control platform designed includes Intel, Qualcomm, and all-purpose RK;

Rich experience in RF signal processing (2.4G, 5g WiFi, GPS, 3G, IQ signal);

He has rich experience in dealing with electrostatic protection according to IEC61000-4-2 / gb17626.2 electrostatic standard, signal interference, and crosstalk.

Security camera products

Focus on signal integrity and electromagnetic interference;

Design the main control platform: Hisilicon Ti;

In the design field, high definition network camera and NVR high definition matrix are designed;

Signal processing, video, audio high-speed signal away from heat sources and other interference sources and quality under the premise of ensuring beautiful.

Automotive electronics

Focus on PCB design of automotive peripheral electronic equipment;

The designed products include onboard computer and dashcam;

The main control platforms are anba, Lianyong, Quanzhi, Sunplus, etc;

Product design

rearview mirror, single lens, double lens, double cable, double 1080p, and other solutions.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering of PCB due to loss of film work or schematics is one of our specialties. We can handle complex multi-layer cards with our computerized netlist generator and scanning process. We can usually create schematics, new layouts, artwork, and improvements to old, obsolete designs. New chips can be substituted and new features added. This includes fine-pitch, double-sided PCB, multilayer PCB.

IPCB provides PCB design, simulation design, EMC design, principle design. With service as the core, we help customers complete PCB and related project designs for various products. We have full-time PCB design engineers with rich experience in PCB Layout, rigorous design process, and design specifications, to provide customers with a favorable guarantee to improve R&D efficiency, reduce R&D costs and shorten R&D time.

IPCB has a high-quality design team with an average of more than 10 years of professional design experience. The service areas include network and communication, industrial control/IPC, computer/server, wafer test/IC manufacturer evaluation board, scientific research and development, medical equipment, consumer electronics products, and other fields. We rely on the perfect design process, strict quality control standards, and high quality and fast service, and have established long-term cooperation with many customers, and won the recognition of customers!

IPCB provides physical Printed Circuit Board layout services for our customers. iPCB company's design team can work with your engineers to provide a PCB layout from your schematic and associated Net List or alternatively we can work with our design engineers to provide a full turnkey integrated electronic PCB design and PCB layout. We offer one-stop services from PCB to PCBA, which shortens the design cycle, improves product reliability, and ensures your products are on the market in a timely manner.