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Human Resource

Human Resource

People-oriented, win-win management concept

iPCB adheres to the common growth with employees, believes in the "people-oriented" management philosophy, attaches importance to the development and training of talents, and strives to create various conditions for the growth of talents. ipcb regard talents, the carrier of knowledge and the driving force of innovation, as the most precious wealth of the company, so that every employee is respected.We trust every employee, through barrier-free communication, exchange of views, encourage employees to participate, adhering to the consistent work style of democracy, openness and support, and create a relaxed, friendly and honest humanistic environment.Adhere to the people-oriented concept, with the help of human resources, we make the value of talent to reflect and compensation.

Scientific and efficient selection mechanism

iPCB attaches great importance to personnel training, strengthens training and learning, and provides training and learning opportunities for employees.Excellent people are the driving force of our development.We establish a scientific and effective recruitment system through scientific selection methods, strict selection standards and perfect selection process to ensure the most suitable personnel who agree with the core values of the enterprise to enter the company and provide human resources support for the efficient operation of ipcb.

Fair and competitive employment mechanism
iPCB provides a broad platform for employees' personal development, enabling them to master advanced technologies and play challenging roles.We ensure that every hardworking and talented employee has a fair opportunity to develop, introduce competition mechanism, promote talents to stand out, and entrust them with important tasks.

More experience and comprehensive education mechanism
iPCB sets career plans according to employees' career development needs. By means of knowledge management, human resources development can be carried out through in-service training, self-training and other means to achieve the self-development of employees

Kindly and perfect retention mechanism
iPCB receives reasonable Suggestions from employees at any time, interacts with employees, and forms a good atmosphere of "the company treats employees well and employees love the company". ipcb provides employees with a harmonious working environment, a broad development platform, competitive salary and sound welfare policies, so as to achieve common development in the family of ipcb through career planning.

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