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Becoming Green Enterprise - For a better world

We put forward the concept of "green culture", through green innovation, green procurement, green production, green operation, green service, green regeneration and green life, to create green value, promote the construction of green culture, and actively fulfill corporate social responsibility.

sewage disposal

Waste water treatment

Wastewater can be divided into more than 20 categories according to the characteristics of products and pollutants, and 10 categories of treatment systems are designed according to the characteristics of wastewater. They are collected, treated and recycled separately.

All kinds of systems have the characteristics of saving land, reducing energy consumption and maintaining flexibility while ensuring the treatment function and effectively recovering water resources and heavy metal resources.

It adopts high efficiency processing equipment, multi-stage processing, three-dimensional layout processing system and intelligent central control system.

Each wastewater treatment plant is equipped with a professional water quality laboratory, and the water quality of each treatment system is regularly tested by a specially assigned person.

On line water quality / quantity monitoring devices are installed at wastewater discharge outlets, which are connected with local environmental protection authorities 24h to ensure 100% of wastewater up to standard.

Waste gas treatment

Waste gas treatment

According to the characteristics of pollutant composition and treatment process, each production waste gas is divided into 12 categories for classified collection and treatment.

Regularly carry out independent and outsourcing detection on the waste gas discharged in production.

The emission concentration of waste gas in each park is far better than the national control standard.

Etching wastewater

Waste disposal

Principles of waste treatment: harmless, reduction, resource.

All kinds of wastes of the company are marked, classified and collected in detail from the source of the production line.

Solid waste is divided into three categories: hazardous waste, recyclable industrial waste and non recyclable industrial waste.

The recyclable resources should be fully recycled to create value, and the waste that cannot be recycled should be handled by legal professional PCB manufacturer.

Green earth