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PCB manufacturer are an important part of PCB manufacturing.

The development of PCB has a history of more than 100 years. Its design is mainly layout design. The main advantage of using PCB is to greatly reduce wiring and assembly errors. PCB manufacturer improves automation level and production labor productivity.

According to the number of circuit layers, PCB manufacturer divides PCB into single-sided PCB, double-sided PCB and Multilayer PCB.

Before the appearance of PCB, the interconnection of electronic components was based on the direct connection of wires to form a complete circuit. With the promotion of PCB manufacturer, at present, printed circuit board has become the absolute dominant position in the electronic industry.

In the past decade, PCB manufacturing industry has developed rapidly. With the rapid development of electronic products, the price war of PCB manufacturer has changed the structure of supply chain. China's PCB manufacturer has the advantages of industrial layout, cost and market, and has become the most important PCB manufacturer in the world.

iPcb Circuits Limited(iPcb®) is a PCB manufacturer focus on the R&D and production of precision PCB prototype. iPcb independently developed the first PCB Automatic Quotation System(PAQS) in the industry, which automatically connected ipcb's PCB factory to realize intelligent service and PCB prototype rapid fabrication. ipcb's ultimate goal is to build an Internet + industry 4.0 intelligent PCB factory cluster to provide professional PCB technology and PCB prototype fabrication services for customers. ipcb is a famous PCB manufacturer in China.

PCB Automatic Quotation System (PAQS)

PCB Automatic Quotation System (PAQS)

As a PCB manufacturer, ipcb has professional PCB production equipment, and is continuously upgrading PCB production equipment with higher and higher automation, keep improving to make ipcb an efficient PCB manufacturer.

Clean PCB production environment is the basic requirement of PCB manufacturer. ipcb attaches importance to the role of 5S in PCB production.

High difficulty PCB, fast delivery PCB and high quality PCB are the main direction of ipcb!

ipcb is a high-precision and high-quality PCB manufacturer, such as: isola 370hr pcb, high frequency pcb, high speed pcb, ic substrate, ic test board, impedance PCB, HDI PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB, buried blind hole PCB, high-level PCB, microwave PCB, telfon pcb etc. ipcb good at PCB manufacturing.

The upstream and downstream of the PCB manufacturing industry are clearly divided, and raw materials account for about 60% of the PCB manufacturing cost, which accounts for a large proportion. Copper foil, copper balls, copper foil substrates, prepregs, inks, dry films, gold salts and other products are the main raw materials required for PCB manufacturing. Among them, copper clad laminates account for the largest proportion of PCB manufacturing material costs (approximately 37%). The downstream industries of PCB manufacturers are widely distributed, covering multiple application areas. Mainly include automotive electronics, communication equipment, consumer electronics, industrial control equipment, medical electronics, clean energy, smart security, aerospace products, etc.

The supply and price level of upstream raw materials of PCB manufacturers determine the production costs of PCB manufacturers, and changes in the prosperity of the downstream industries of PCB manufacturers will directly affect the demand and price of PCBs. Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) accounts for about 40% of the entire PCB manufacturing material cost and has the greatest impact on the cost of PCB manufacturing. CCL is a plate-shaped material made of wood pulp paper or glass fiber cloth as a reinforcing material, impregnated with resin glue, covered with copper foil on one or both sides, and hot pressed. Copper foil is a kind of negative electrolytic material, a thin, continuous metal foil deposited on the PCB base layer; as the conductor of the PCB, it plays an important role in conducting and dissipating heat in the PCB. The copper foil production industry has a high degree of concentration. The top ten global copper foil producers account for 73% of the global copper foil output. They have strong bargaining power over the entire copper foil industry. The price increase of the upstream raw material copper can shift downwards, and then Affect the price changes of circuit boards.

The PCB manufacturing industry is the basic industry of the electronic information industry and is indispensable in electronic products. Its downstream application fields are extensive, covering communications, home appliances, industrial control medical, aerospace, automotive electronics, computers and other fields. Among them, communication electronics, computers, and consumer electronics have become the top three application areas of PCB. Smart phones have gradually become the main driving force for the development of the PCB industry and have become the fastest growing field of PCB applications.

Benefiting from automotive electronics and the rising demand for consumer electronics, the global PCB output value has increased year by year. China has gradually become the main production base for global PCB manufacturing. Since the global epidemic has gradually recovered, consumer demand that was suppressed last year has rebounded rapidly, and the PCB manufacturing industry has ushered in a period of rapid growth. The emergence of emerging technology industries such as the Internet of Things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and new energy vehicles has promoted the upgrading of the product structure of PCB manufacturers. In the future, 5G construction will further expand server demand and promote server product upgrades. The server PCB market is expected to continue to expand. In addition, 5G will also become a new growth point for smartphones. It is estimated that the shipment of 5G mobile phones will reach 725 million units in 2023. We can pay attention to the demand for high-end PCB manufacturing such as SLP and high-end HDI.

high-end PCB manufacturing

high-end PCB manufacturing

ipcb is a PCB manufacturer with leading technology as its core competition. As the speed of digital circuits continues to increase, transient changes in voltage and current produce a large number of high-frequency components. When the bandwidth reaches more than 5Gbps, factors such as line width, copper foil roughness, outer surface treatment, copper thickness and other factors will significantly affect the conductor loss, placing higher requirements on the PCB manufacturer's processing technology. Due to the huge amount of information processing in high-speed circuits, the number of high-speed module PCB boards can reach 40 layers, which is the field where the demand for multi-layer boards is the most. ipcb company has mature high-frequency/high-speed board processing technology, ipcb company samples up to 100 layers, since 2014, ipcb company's high-speed board and special board purchases have accounted for more than 50% of the purchase of copper clad laminates. The package substrate accounts for about 38% of the cost of packaging and testing. The technical indicators are at the leading level in the industry. ipcb took the lead in building China's first industry 4.0 PCB smart factory, with a significant increase in production capacity, leading the Chinese PCB industry, achieving a net profit margin of more than 15%, and a per capita annual output value of 2 million yuan.

At present, there are more than 2,000 PCB manufacturers in the world, the industry structure is scattered, and there are many small factories, but the trend of large-scale and centralized is increasingly obvious. This development trend is due to the large demand for funds, high technical requirements and fierce competition in the industry on the one hand, and the increasing concentration of downstream terminal brands on the other hand. At present, there are about 1,500 PCB companies in mainland China, which are mainly distributed in areas with high concentration of electronics industries such as the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai Rim, large demand for basic components, and good transportation and water and electricity conditions. IPCB Circuit Co., Ltd. is a well-known PCB manufacturer that meets customers' PCB purchasing needs.

Generally, PCB buyers choose a targeted PCB manufacturer based on the overall needs of the factory when choosing a PCB manufacturer. Professional PCB manufacturers produce PCBs with more quality assurance and after-sales service. Therefore, PCB buyers will choose PCB manufacturers with strong production and service capabilities to reduce the overall PCB procurement risk. For pcb buyers, it is not easy to find a suitable PCB manufacturer, so how to choose a PCB manufacturer?

Let us understand how to choose a PCB manufacturer?

A: Pay attention to the range of process capability

When choosing a PCB manufacturer, try to choose a PCB manufacturer with a wide range of processes and rich process capabilities, so as not to delay the process involved beyond the ability of the PCB manufacturer, which will affect the PCB delivery time, so first when choosing a PCB manufacturer There must be a detailed reference to the PCB process requirements to prevent electrical functions from being affected due to the lack of PCB manufacturer's process.

B: Pay attention to whether the PCB manufacturer's production equipment can meet the requirements. Due to the different types of PCBs, the PCB production requirements are quite different, and the equipment levels used by PCB manufacturers are also different. Therefore, it is necessary for PCB manufacturers to make sample comparisons before considering batch cooperation.

C: Pay attention to whether there is a pegging fork clause. Due to the particularity of PCB custom processing, all PCBs that need to be assembled and shipped have a single probability of being scrapped. Generally, the customer accepts the pegging fork clause by default. If you do not accept it, you need to contact the PCB The manufacturer communicates, usually the PCB manufacturer will charge a certain fee, and you need to choose whether to accept the flat cross according to your own situation.

D: Pay attention to whether the PCB manufacturer's products have quality assurance. Regarding quality assurance, when choosing a PCB manufacturer, you must first judge the quality of the PCB manufacturer, such as whether the PCB product has been tested by the PCB before shipment to avoid the impact of quality problems The later use of PCB prevents subsequent safety issues.