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Process capability

PCB Process capability & PCBA Process capability

Process capability

PCB Process capability & PCBA Process capability

What is PCB process capability?

The manufacturing process of PCB Prototype is a processing process of PCB materials. in each PCB manufacturing process, it is affected by the processing capacity and processing tolerances of the PCB equipment. The management system of each PCB manufacturer and the ability of the production personnel also affect the quality of the finished PCB. We summarize PCB materials, PCB equipment capabilities, and processing tolerances, as well as PCB manufacturer's management and staff quality as PCB processing capabilities. So, choose a qualified PCB manufacturer, It is related to the quality of your product, and even whether your product can be successfully produced and occupy the market(How to choose a PCB manufacturer?).

High-quality PCB factory need to pass ISO9001, UL, RoHS, and other quality management system certifications. The powerful PCB factory production line uses high-precision print circuit board production and print circuit board testing equipment, and also has an experienced PCB production technical team and a high-quality management team. PCBs need to be produced in strict accordance with IPC 2 standards or IPC 3 standards.

The main business of iPCB is PCB, PCBA, ODM. PCB products include single and double-sided PCB, multilayer PCB, high-frequency PCB, high-speed PCB, IC substrates, IC test board, HDI printed circuit board, ceramic substrate, metal substrate PCB, etc.

High-frequency PCB technical capacity

High-frequency PCB is a PCB applied to products that require high-frequency signals. In a high-frequency signal environment, ordinary FR-4 epoxy resin materials will cause product failure due to high-frequency signal distortion. Therefore, high-frequency PCB is the material of PCB There are special requirements, such as more stable dielectric constant, lower loss, etc. Commonly used high-frequency PCB material brands include Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, Panasonic, Doosan, Shengyi, Wangling, etc.

iPCB has more than ten years of high-frequency PCB manufacturing and management experience, iPCB is very familiar with what issues should be paid attention to in high-frequency PCB manufacturing. for the RF circuit of high-frequency PCB, the RF antenna has special precision control.

High frequency PCB

Rigid-Flex PCB technics capacity

As electronic products become more sophisticated and compact, there is more demand for Rigid-Flex PCB. iPCB has been developing and manufacturing Rigid-Flex PCB since 2010 and has become a Rigid-Flex PCB manufacturer. At present, iPCB can mature Manufacturing Rigid-Flex PCB used in automobiles, medical, industrial, and consumer electronics (headphones, mobile phones, e-cigarettes), and can also assist customers in Rigid-Flex PCB design.

Rigid-Flex PCB

HDI PCB technics capacity

When HDI PCB design engineers need higher density components, HDI PCB is their best choice. HDI PCB manufacturer provides lower HDI PCB cost. iPCB provides professional HDI PCB design guide.


IC Substrate Capability

IC substrate is an important material used in IC packaging to connect chips to PCB board. IC substrate has the characteristics of high density, high precision, high performance, miniaturization, and thinning. IC substrate circuit board is developed on the basis of the HDI circuit board. It is a technological innovation that adapts to the rapid development of electronic packaging technology. It has the characteristics of high density, high precision, high performance, small size, and lightweight. The encapsulated substrate is a key special base material used for advanced encapsulation, which acts as electrical conduction between IC chips and conventional PCB, and provides protection, support, heat dissipation, and standardized installation dimensions for the chips.

IC substrate uses the most advanced line density technology in the field of PCB, which accounts for more than 30% of the cost of chip packaging. IPCB's IC substrate is designed to be manufactured with high-end integrated circuit (IC) packaged substrate circuit boards, FC substrate, CSP substrate, and BGA substrate, covering all-round IC substrate manufacturing services for a variety of small, medium, and large batch fast delivery orders and a large number of orders.

Standard PCB Capability

IPCB's FR-4 standard PCB process capability can meet the needs of commercial electronic and industrial electronic mass PCB, we can supply stable and cheap PCB.

Provide 1-16 layer PCB with delivery period of 10-25 days, minimum line width / line spacing: 3mil / 3mil, minimum via: 0.15mm, PCB thickness: 0.4mm-2.0mm, copper thickness: 0.5oz-3oz. (TG130, TG150, TG170, TG180, TG250, TG250).