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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1. What file do you need to prepare if you want to get an quotation from us?

For PCB board, you need to prepare files of Gerber file,it should including RS274X,ODB++, DXF, PCB, PCBDOC etc formats.

For PCBA(PCB with soldered components), except the file for PCB, you also need to prepare the BOM list (components list), Pick and Place file(txt format), real sample picture or 3D PDF version file etc.

For PCB layout, you need to provide PCB schematic diagram and PCB outline drawing.

For PCB design, you need to express your idea, and we will discuss whether we can realize your idea.

Q2. Do you have MOQ limited?

We are able to handle Small as well as large volume production with flexibility. We don’t have any MOQ limited, the minimum order we accept is 1pcs.

Generally, the more quantity produced, the lower the unit price and the longer the delivery time.

Q3. How to keep our product information and design file secret ?

A: Your files are held in complete safety and security. we protect the intellectual property for our customers in the whole process. all documents from customers are never shared with any third parties.

B: We are willing to sign a NDA effect by customers side local law and promising tokeep customers data in high confidential level.

Q4. How long is the delivery time?

For the standard PCB samples, the production time is 1-7 days, the production time for small batch is 7-10 days, and the production time for large order is 12-25 days.

For the production of non-standard PCB and PCBA, please refer to the documents and production requirements We will get back to you soon.

Q5. What are the main products of your PCB / PCBA services?

Industrial control, Automotive, Medical Equipment, Communication Electronics, Aviation, LED...

PCB application

Q6. How long does it take for PCB and PCBA Quote ?

PCBs quotation within 0.5-2 hours can finished the PCBA depend on the components

quantity,if simple, within 6 hours can finished,once complex and more,the 12- 36 hours

can be finished.

*Please note that the following detail will speed up evaluation:


Board thickness:

Copper thickness:

Surface finish:

Solder mask color:

Silkscreen color:

Q7. Shipping cost?

Usually we offer EXW,FCA,FOB,CIF and DDU terms, and the default term on quotation is FOB Shenzhen if no special requirement provided. Kindly please mention the terms when you have any requirements.

We worked with courier companies including DHL,FedEx,UPS,TNT and EMS, airline and sea shipping also optional.

The shipping cost is determined by the destination, weight, packing size of the goods. Please let us know if you need us to quote you the shipping cost.

Q8. Do you accept process materials supplied by clients?

Yes, we can provide component source, and we also accept component from client.

packing & shipping

Please send your spec. or gerber files so that we are able to provide a quotation asap.

Looking forward to your inquiry!