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PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

One-Stop PCB Assembly / PCBA manufacturer

What is PCB Assembly / PCBA?

PCB Assembly / PCBA is the abbreviation of printed circuit board assembly, that is, the production process of PCB after SMT assembly or dip plug-in process is called PCBA or PCB'A.

What's the difference between PCB and PCBA?

PCB is printed circuit board, because it is made by electronic printing, so it is called "printed" circuit board. PCB is an important electronic component in the electronic industry. It is the support of electronic components and the carrier of electrical connection of electronic components. PCB has been widely used in the production of electronic products.

PCB Assembly generally refers to a processing flow, which can also be understood as the finished circuit board, that is, PCBA can only be counted after the processes on the PCB are completed. PCB refers to an empty printed circuit board with no parts on it. The above is the difference between PCB and PCBA.

SMT and dip are both ways to integrate parts on PCB board. The main difference is that SMT does not need to drill holes on PCB, but in dip, it needs to insert the pin pin pin into the drilled hole.

SMT (surface mounted technology) mainly uses the mounting machine to mount some micro and small parts on the PCB. Its production process is: PCB positioning, solder paste printing, mounting by the mounting machine, reflow oven and inspection.

Dip is "plug-in", that is to insert parts on PCB board. It is a kind of plug-in integrated parts when some parts are large in size and not suitable for mounting technology. Its main production processes are: back glue, plug-in, inspection, wave soldering, plate brushing and finished inspection.

One-Stop PCB Assembly / PCBA manufacturer

One-Stop PCB Assembly / PCBA manufacturer

The process of PCB Assembly

Electronic Components Procurement - PCB prototype fabrication- SMT Patch - DIP plug-in - PCBA(PCB Assembly) testing - Finished product assembly

PCB Assembly requires electronic components and consumables

Printed Circuit Board, Electronic Components, Solder Wire, Solder Paste, Welding Rod, Solder Preform (depending on welding type), Scaling Powder, Welding Platform, Wave Soldering Machine, SMT Equipment, Testing Equipment

PCB welding Service

Ipcb provides a full set of PCBA services and part of PCBA services. In the full range of PCBA services, we handle PCB production, material procurement, online order tracking, incoming material certification / quality inspection and final assembly. In some PCB welding services, you can order PCB and some materials by yourself, and we complete other parts.

How to get one-stop inquiry of PCBA service?

BOM quotation, please send your BOM to: sales@ipcb.com, tell the number of PCB to be made, we will give you a quotation within 24 hours. BOM must include quantity, tag number, manufacturer name and manufacturer model.

Before the PCB assembly is delivered, we will carry out various tests on it.

- Visual inspection: general quality inspection

- X-ray test: check whether there is short-circuit cold welding or bubble problem in BGA, QFN and other welding.

- Automatic optical detection: check whether there are false welding, short circuit, few parts, polarity reversal, etc.

- Online testing

- Function test (according to the test steps you provided)

PCB Assembly / PCBA / PCB'A

PCB Assembly / PCBA / PCB'A

A full set of PCBA is our core business, even in the proofing stage. We use our professional and resources to do PCB proofing, material procurement, PCBA welding one-stop service for you. If you want to solder specific devices, we will also provide such services.

Avoid the trouble of purchasing PCB components, make you focus on your design. Our purchasing team will purchase more components from the same supplier and use the best method to complete the purchasing task. We will optimize packaging (belt, tube, bulk, etc.) with quantity selection in smaller BOM to reduce cost. We have the ability to handle difficult to order materials and obsolete components. We purchase materials according to the material model and manufacturer in your BOM. Don't worry about the danger of any alternative materials. We will not change your design. Alternative materials will also be approved by you before use.

The price of the whole service includes welding cost, smooth plate cost and material purchase cost. Quotations for electronic components are from digi key, mouser, Avnet, arrow, future, Newark or designated suppliers. We don't charge any purchase fee.

We understand the importance of punctual delivery. In pcb fabrication, material procurement has been carried out at the same time. We will review engineering problems and component problems before welding. If there are no hard to order components and documentation errors, a full set of PCBA welding usually takes two weeks.

DFM is very necessary in batch welding. We will review your Gerber files, BOM, assembly files and circuit diagrams to prevent any engineering problems. As a supplier of electronic outsourcing services, we will reduce costs through reasonable PCB assembly and convenient welding operation. We also recommend that you use solder mask window to get high yield and prevent short circuit bridge. Before we purchase materials, we will make a comprehensive matching check between your component list and PCB file. This can effectively avoid waste of cost and late delivery.

Similarly, even in small batch welding, DFM should also be involved in your circuit design. A variety of probe test models and test limitations are available. You will get our professional guidance on how to distinguish test points. Through your troubleshooting guide, diagnostic test and related documents, we can make your PCB board fully tested to meet your test requirements.

We have a variety of ways to make your batch welding risk-free. In our full range of services, all PCBs are electrically tested. Before welding other PCB boards, we can also send you some PCB boards to test first. X-ray test is used to detect the welding quality of BGA and components without extended pins. We can solve all welding problems before delivery.

We try our best to reduce the cost of batch PCB Assembly welding. There is no NRE and steel mesh cost for repeated orders. We will compare the price of materials among large suppliers and choose the suppliers with good quality and low price, so as to reduce the cost of materials. We have established a solid cooperative relationship with large suppliers to provide competitive prices while ensuring quality. We guarantee that you will get good quality, reasonable price and punctual delivery service in our full set of PCB Assembly.

For your design

Our SMT welding process is carefully matched to ensure that it meets your design and your limitations. We will provide some DFT suggestions according to the SMT PCB assembly documents provided by you, but everything is subject to you. In order to complete SMT assembly, we will be very happy to cooperate with your engineers. We handle SMD components in strict accordance with SMT welding requirements. We have very high production requirements to achieve precise control of reflow soldering.

In order to detect the quality of SMD solder joints, we use X-ray detection. For example, QFN, DFN, BGA and other leadless packages, visual inspection can not fully find the welding problems, but with 3D X-ray detection, many SMT welding problems can be found, which is particularly important in BGA welding.

No matter what stage your design is in, we are happy to be able to provide any help in your project. At your request, we will provide you with DFM advice in the early stage of your design. Once the project has progressed, we will provide you with PCBA proofing cycle and flexible arrangement of your PCB assembly production.