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Turnkey PCB

Turnkey PCB

Turnkey PCB

Turnkey PCB

Turnkey PCB & PCB Assembly Manufacturer

iPcb is a reliable full turnkey PCB service solution for prototype quantities as well as small-volume to mid-volume production runs, and a one stop PCB manufacturing and assembly company. As a provider of one stop PCB assembly services, our firm provides expert consulting in Design for Manufacturing (DFM). 

We have been in this line for more than 15 years. With the professional R&D team and skillful workers, we can put your design into physical product, and also put your idea into workable design and product. We can offer you one stop solution from PCB, Components purchasing, Components assembly,test to the whole fabrication.

Advantages of turnkey PCB

1) Strict product liability, taking IPC-A-160 standard

2) Engineering pretreatment before production

3) Production process control (5ms)

4) 100% E-test, 100% visual inspection, including IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC

5) 100% AOI inspection, including X-ray, 3D microscope and ICT

6) High-voltage test, impedance control test

7) Microsection, soldering capacity, thermal stress test, shocking test

8) In-house PCB production

9) No minimum order quantity and free sample

10) Focus on low to medium volume production

11) Quick and on-time delivery

Turnkey PCB service

Turnkey PCB service

Quality Control

Our company executes the ROHS requirements, all the products we provide to our customers will be strictly accordance with ROHS standard. 

ERP quality system

Making all departments, like production, supply, sales, inventory, human resources, finance, logistics, decision-making departments can share resources, information together in enterprise. So that enterprise could analysis, forecast, making decision for all related enterprise management activity. Under this management system, whole enterprise business process will be controlled and improved under healthy situation.

Electrostatic protection method

Inhibiting static charge accumulation and static charge generation.

Eliminating existent static charge in quick and safe way.

The implementing electrostatic protection area(EPA) and good grounding system.

Packaging & shipping

Bubble Anti-satatic Bag. For AL, Composite Anti-static Bag, Double Flute Carton, Inner Pads(Top and Bottom), Inner Cards, Pallet and Pallet Wrapper.

Testing Procedures For smt DIP PCB assembly service

We perform multiple quality assuring procedures before shipping out any PCB board. These include:

* Visual Inspection

* Flying probe, fixture tool

* Impedance control

* Solder-ability detection

* Digital metallographic microscope

* AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)

Turnkey PCB & PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Turnkey PCB & PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Where is the application for our pcb assemblies?

Our Printed pcb assemblies are widely usded in Industrial and Energy, Medical and Healthcare, Automotive, Information and Communication Technology, Werables, comsumer electronics.

Our PCB board manufacture and PCB assembly service

1. No MOQ for Printed circuit board and PCBA

2. One-stop solution for various OEM electronic PCB assembly.

3. Professional PCB Board engineer for one-to-one service.

3. 100% PCBA AOI tested guarantee before shipping

4. RoHS, UL, ISO, SGS certificate approved

5. Factory production Capability of 30000 sqm/month 

6. Turnkey EMS (electronics manfacturing service) including pcb manufacturing, compoments sourcing, pcb assembly, pcba conformal coating, box build, PCBA function testing.

7. Excellent Customer Service to Meet Your Special Needs

8. Shipment on time.

PCBs We Can Make

1. Rigid PCBs, Flex PCBs and Rigid-Flex PCBs

2. Aluminum Backed PCBs and Metal Core PCBs

3. Advanced PCBs. such as DHIPCBs, Hight TG PCBs, High Frequency PCB, Carbon Ink PCB, Special Material PCB, Thick Copper PCB

PCB Assembly Technical requirement

1. Professional Surface-mounting and Through-hole soldering Technolog.

2. Various sizes like 1206,0805,0603 components SMT technology.

3. ICT(In Circuit Test),FCT(Functional Circuit Test) technology.

4. PCB Assembly With UL,CE,FCC,Rohs Approval.

5. Nitrogen gas reflow soldering technology for SMT.

6. High Standard SMT&Solder Assembly Line.

7. High density interconnected board placement technology capacity.

What we need

1. Gerber files of the bare PCB .

2. Bill of materials to include: Manufacturer's part number, type of part, type of packaging, component locations listed by reference designators and quantity.

3. Dimensional specifications for non-standard components.

4. Assembly drawing, including any change notices.

5. Final test procedures (if available).


Our advantages

1. High-end, Small volume and Various kinds of PCBA service offered.

2. Speedy, Flexible and one-stop service in PCBA.

3. Assembly and Purchasing service offered, all components  are promised to be purchased 100%, from Original factories or their pointed agents.

4. Transparent quotation,cost and benefit are detailedly opened to customer.

5. With professional Engineers and Long-term successful experience in cooperating with customers inland and overseas, all new projects can be developed faster and better than expected.

6. With USA or Japan imported tin cream and tin bar, and 100% AOI testing during production, all PCBAs we made are more reliable.

iPcb is a reliable full turnkey PCB service solution for prototype quantities as well as small-volume to mid-volume production runs, and a one stop PCB manufacturing and assembly company. Please send your customized requirements with the design files, all information are secure and confidential. E-mail: sales@ipcb.com