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New 5G information
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New 5G information is released daily from around the world. Some companies are starting 5G trials in new cities, others are announcing when customers can order their 5G service, and some businesses are releasing new ideas for how 5G will change the way we live.

5G availability is extremely limited right now, with only a few locations having a live, non-demo, subscriber-based network up and running. However, many companies are just a few months away from launching a full-blown 5G network for customers to use.

In addition, telemedicine solution developers, cloud game programmers, smart city practitioners, data analysts, etc., will become strong professions. 5g will bring great opportunities to the types of work and occupation, which will usher in a "new era".

Comply with the trend of the times, 5g era will lead to the explosion of related professions and talents.

However, it is worth noting that while complying with the general trend of 5g, people can not follow it blindly. If you are not suitable for 5g type of technical work and occupation, you should choose a profession that is more suitable for your own characteristics. After all, only by showing one's strengths can one's career span one peak after another and realize one's own value