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How to choose a reliable PCB processing factory

How to choose a reliable PCB processing factory

There are many PCB processing factories on the market. You can find thousands of pieces of information about them on Baidu. However, how to choose a reliable PCB processing factory is not easy.

When choosing a PCB processing factory, we have to know clearly what our needs are, which is to verify the design by proofing? Or mass production? Is it speed or quality that I am after? Do I care about price or delivery? These objective factors will affect the result of your final choice of PCB processing plant.

But as a reliable PCB processing factory, it must have the following points:

1. Factory scale:

If you want to do PCB processing, the necessary equipment and scale are indispensable. The production scale and equipment perfection of a processing factory can intuitively judge the strength of this factory, and find a powerful PCB processing factory as a supply Quotient is a good choice.

How to choose a reliable PCB processing factory

2. Staff quality:

A factory with strong hardware strength is not the only standard for a reliable PCB processing factory. It must also have professional business personnel to connect with us, to understand our needs in time, and to quickly deal with all kinds of unexpected problems. , Is the prerequisite for a smooth long-term cooperation. After all, professional people are the most reliable thing to do professional things.

3. Service attitude:

A good attitude is an indispensable foundation and prerequisite for providing reliable products. Only when a PCB processing factory has a good service attitude can it calm down and make products.

4. Quality control:

Reliable processing plants will not let problematic PCB boards flow to the market. What they rely on here is the ability of quality control, from the quality control of raw materials, to the quality control in the production and processing process, to the quality control of the final product before leaving the factory. It is indispensable. So when we choose a processing plant, we must choose a company with a complete quality control process.

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