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PCBA one-stop service

PCBA one-stop service
Customers who have recently contacted can ask if we can provide PCBA one-stop service, and if so, we will ask you to do it. If not, we will ask other suppliers. Many PCB boards are purchased separately, and components are also purchased separately. After the two models were merged, I only found one SMT chip processing supplier. Now I want to find a one-stop service that can do the entire PCBA. Recently I compiled the reasons for these customer changes:

First, the component sales channels are networked, and prices are often transparent.

Currently, the entire component sales network is actually available. The input information of any online model can be found. How much? Is it made by that manufacturer? Is it in stock? The whole process is actually very simple. If the company intends to buy it on its own, someone still needs to know and ask the component supplier whether it is genuine and when it can be shipped. However, the final product may be almost the same price as the supplier. The end result is to spend more money to do the same thing. I believe every boss has this feeling.
Second: rising labor costs, reducing costs to deal with uncertainty.
Faced with the current form of instability, we can really feel that orders have not actually increased, but have decreased accordingly. There is no increase in orders, and of course there is no possibility of reducing labor costs. Then the order will be lowered. If I can do things well within the cost range, there is no need to spend more labor costs. The entire PCBA one-stop service can include the entire budget, the price can be controlled, and no other expenditures will be incurred. Reduce uncertainty.

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Finally: hand over professional matters to a more professional team.

If it is said that professional things are left to a more professional team, I believe there must be no objection. Compared with general solution companies, since there is no specific back-end production process, the current price trend of PCB circuit boards and components may not be understood much about SMT technology. But PCBA manufacturers cross-use these back-end processes every day. What kind of board and what kind of solder paste is used in what industry. The engineers of the PCBA processing plant are very clear. The most important point is that PCBA manufacturers have many customers, and the demand for parts procurement is also great. Correspondingly, the more distributors that reach the terminal channel, the more goods you can get, the price will definitely be lower, and the quality will definitely be more guaranteed. After all, end-channel distributors don't want to lose a big customer. If you buy from one company, you may not be able to reach the minimum quantity of other companies.

So I think the above three points are the reasons why more and more customers choose PCBA one-stop service provider