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What is COB soft package
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           Careful netizens may find that there are still black things on some circuit boards in our country. So what is this method? Why are they on the circuit board? What is the important role in the end? In fact, it is used as a kind of packaging. We can often call it "soft packaging", saying that soft packaging is actually for students. For "hard", it The material of the component is epoxy resin. We usually see the receiving surface of the receiving head through this teaching material. Inside it is the chip IC. This traditional process is called "bonding", and we usually call it "binding". set".

          This is a wiring process in the chip production process. Its English name is chip on board, that is, chip package on board. This is one of the bare chip mounting technologies. Epoxy resin is used to paste chips on PCB printed circuit boards. So why some circuit boards do not have this package, and what are the characteristics of this package?

          The characteristic of COB soft packaging is that this soft packaging information technology company has many problems. Sometimes we actually want to increase the cost. As the simplest bare chip mounting, in order to protect the company's internal IC from damage, this type of packaging can generally be required once Flexible molding, generally placed on the copper foil surface of the circuit board, the shape is round and the color is black.

This packaging technology has low cost, space-saving light, thermal effects, and a simple method of packaging. Integrated circuits, especially circuits cost the most. This method is only related to the multiple leads of the integrated circuit chip. The manufacturer then deposits on the circuit board, has a good soldering machine, and then cures to harden the adhesive.

        Its application occasions:

          Because we have our own unique characteristics of this kind of packaging, we are designing circuits for some corporate electronic control circuits, such as MP3 players, electronic organs, digital cameras, game consoles, etc. Some circuits that pursue low-cost costs also use this kind of packaging.