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What if PCBA factory cannot purchase materials?
What if PCBA factory cannot purchase materials?

What if PCBA factory cannot purchase materials?


PCBA factory often find that some materials in the BOM cannot be purchased in the PCBA sample stage or batch stage. At this time, we must first analyze why the materials cannot be purchased? Generally, there are the following situations:

1. Material shutdown

Material shutdown is a common situation. The electronic engineer does not consider the actual situation of materials when designing. At the processing stage, it will be found that some materials have been discontinued. At this time, PCBA factory needs to contact the electronic engineer to change the design and sweep the goods in the market. Although the materials are discontinued, there must be a certain stock in the market, We can buy all these materials in the market for preliminary production. At the same time, we also need to find alternative materials for verification to prepare for subsequent production.


2. Material delivery time is too long

The long delivery time of materials will also affect the production progress of PCBA factory. Therefore, we must prepare materials in advance. For materials processed in large quantities, it is best to contact traders in the proofing stage to prepare long-term materials, and purchase and stock up spot materials, which can effectively alleviate the situation that materials cannot be purchased.

3. The material price is too high

The high price of materials is a frequent occurrence in the past two years. Because the epidemic affects production, many materials are priced one day. The best treatment is to find suitable alternative materials or purchase within the affordable price range.

Therefore, when PCBA factory finds that the material procurement is not available, it needs to contact the electronic engineer to change the design, actively look for alternative materials, and strategically prepare some materials with long delivery time, so as to ensure the smooth progress of production.