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Management and Control Method of SMT Supporting Equipment
Management and Control Method of SMT Supporting Equipment

Management and Control Method of SMT Supporting Equipment


In the SMT technology production shop, not only the SMT patch machine needs to have the corresponding control requirements, but also the matching equipment in the SMT workshop. IPCB explain the control methods of the SMT patch machine supporting equipment for you.

1. Exhaust flow control scheme in SMT technology equipment workshop: both reflux and peak welding equipment have exhaust requirements, and exhaust fans are configured according to the requirements of the equipment. For exhaust pipes of fully heated stoves, the minimum flow rate is generally controlled at 500 cubic feet per minute.

2. Material control scheme of SMT technology workshop: SMT patch machine sets material placement standard. All materials are placed in areas, frames and locations as required and labeled accordingly. Guides material handling and playback according to the corresponding operating rules and records.


3. Gas source control scheme: Configure the gas source pressure according to the equipment requirements. Pressure greater than 7KG/cm~2 is usually required. Compressed air should be introduced into the appropriate equipment of the production line using a uniformly configured air source network. The air compressor must be kept at a certain distance from the SMT patch plant's equipment machine shop to decompress, remove dust and dehydrate the compressed air.

4. Power supply control scheme: The power supply voltage of the SMt patch processing machine should be stable, generally 220V for single-phase AC and 380V for three-phase AC. Installer power supply requires independent grounding. Generally, three-phase and five-wire connection is used. The working neutral cable is strictly separated from the power protection cable. Install line filter or AC regulator in front of equipment transformer.

5. SMt technology workshop control scheme in patch processing plant: Smt technology production workshop needs to formulate production management system, and requires SMT technology workshop related personnel to strictly abide by process discipline and operation rules, and also requires all equipment, items, raw materials, tools and other dust-free; No debris in public passage; "Check-up once a day", "Check-up once a day and clear-up once a day", related checks and records must be made every day.