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Precautions for Proofing of High Frequency Circuit Board

    At present, various companies pay special attention to the quality of PCB high-frequency board products. In the manufacturing industry, the improvement of product quality also plays an important role in the reputation of the industry. High-frequency circuit boards have good quality in the PCB circuit board manufacturing industry. Therefore, many related manufacturers of high-frequency circuit boards will calibrate the high-frequency circuit boards before production to verify whether the performance of the circuit design meets the requirements.

    1. Material: First, please explain to the manufacturer of the high-frequency circuit board to confirm the material used to calibrate the high-frequency circuit board.

    2. Board layer: Secondly, the number of layers of high-frequency circuit board proofing needs to be confirmed by the manufacturer of the high-frequency circuit board to ensure that the high-frequency circuit board products that meet the design requirements are produced.

    3. Solder mask and silk screen color: Now the general high-frequency circuit board manufacturers can provide a variety of colors for customers to choose, but most of them are green, while the silk screen defaults to white, so if there are specific requirements for color, it must be consistent with The manufacturer of high-frequency circuit board proofing made it clear.

PCB high-frequency board

    4. Whether the vias are covered with solder mask: Because whether the vias are covered with solder mask will directly determine whether the vias are insulated, it is necessary to fully explain the coverage of the solder mask with the manufacturer when performing high-frequency circuit board proofing.

    5. Surface coating: The surface treatment of high-frequency circuit board proofing currently has two coatings: tin spraying and gold plating. It is necessary to explain which method to use for the high-frequency circuit board manufacturer.

    6. Quantity: The key point is to clarify the specific quantity of high-frequency circuit board proofing, because the quantity is directly related to the cost issue.

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