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Manufacture process-Drilling

Drilling Hole



To establish channels between layers.

-The Process : Double side

2layer process.jpg
-Facilities and USES
1. Drilling machine: used for drilling circuit board.
2. Stapling machine: fix or stack one or more double panels with pipe position to facilitate positioning during drilling.
3. Turning and grinding drill: drill bit used for turning and grinding drilling.
4. Granulating machine; Fix the length of the rubber particles falling from the drill bit at 0.800 "±0.005" for drilling exploration machine to use, or withdraw the rubber particles from the drill bit.
5. Refund nailing machine; Double panel drilling return pipe position nail to use.
6. Table drilling machine: floor drilling pipe position hole use.


Check  standard by ME->QA confirmed Drilling Bit

-Operation Specification

  1. Wear gloves when picking up the drill bit and transporting the production board to avoid contaminating the drill bit and circuit board.

  2.  Before using the drill bit, check OK and ensure the length of the pellet is within 0.800 "±0.005".

  3.  Transportation, placement of production board process, there can be no towing board, board, board on the board, etc., strict guard against the scratch circuit board.

  4.The significance of investigating the inner substance after drilling includes: aperture volume, number of holes, location of holes, inner layer migration (multilayer plate), pattern of holes, tip and scratch.





Temperature:20±5℃,Humidity:≦ 60 %。

-Safety and Environmental Protection :

1. When drilling machine is running, the head, hand and other cannot be extended into the drilling machine. Press the red (close&stop) button on both sides of the drilling machine if it is needed to close.
2. The drill bit should be good at covering and should not touch the part of the blade to prevent puncture.
3. Do not touch the power switch and transformer of drilling machine and other machines without permission. If there is any problem, please inform SE or other professional personnel for maintenance.
4. If you find that the vacuum cleaner has abnormal sound or the dust bag leaks, you should first close the drill and the dust collector, and then inform the management of the person in charge and change the easy dust bag.
5. Dispose waste materials strictly according to the regulations to avoid polluting the background