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PCB copy board to create low-voltage electrical appliances
PCB Tech
PCB copy board to create low-voltage electrical appliances

PCB copy board to create low-voltage electrical appliances


    Smart grid construction is the main development direction of China in the next ten years. The intelligent upgrade of the backbone grid will drive a series of traditional electrical products to become intelligent, and low-voltage electrical appliances will benefit from this. As one of the necessities for the construction of the national economy, low-voltage electrical appliances are leveraging this intelligence to upgrade Dongfeng, from traditional products to high-end intelligent upgrades. Therefore, it is urgent to strengthen the research and development of new technologies. Although my country is a large exporter of low-voltage electrical appliances, the overall level of research and development is low. This also requires the introduction of product PCB copy board research and study and secondary development and upgrading.

    To bridge the technological gap, we need to leverage the secondary development of PCB copy board

pcb board

    It is understood that in terms of product development, domestic low-voltage electrical products are at the middle and low-end technical levels of the first to third generations. The fourth-generation high-end products are still under development, while the fourth-generation high-end products abroad have long been popularized. In order to quickly shorten the technological gap between China, apart from strengthening independent research and development, it also needs to innovate from a high starting point. The PCB copy board is the circuit board copy board, which can not only reversely restore the complete set of production materials such as PCB files, BOM lists, and schematic diagrams of high-end electronic products, but also help secondary development and industrial transformation and upgrading after digestion and absorption.

    The transformation and upgrading of PCB copy board of low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises cannot be delayed

    China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry has grown from simple assembly, imitating manufacturing to self-developed design, and now it has grown to nearly 1,000 series, with an annual output value of 20 billion yuan, and more than 2,000 large-scale manufacturers. However, these companies still generally have small scales and excessive numbers, and more than 90% of them are in the repeated production of medium and low-grade products. The transformation and upgrading of the enterprise is urgent. Shenzhen Pengxin Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. can not only provide customers with complete product lines and solutions such as "circuit board copy board-SMT chip processing-PCB mass production-prototype production", but also It can provide customers with complete and timely technical support for vulnerability repair, chip decryption, PCB design, board modification, etc., to assist customers to complete product development in the shortest time.

    The essential characteristics and cost-effective performance of PCB copy board technology

    PCB copy board reverse research technology has always been a very controversial technology in the industry. People who are not very clear about this industry always think that this is just a simple imitation of circuit boards. In fact, PCB copy board is a new type of technology that masters its performance and application by overcoming the circuit schematic diagram, and carries out secondary development according to actual needs. On the basis of a full understanding of its schematic diagrams, functions can be deleted according to actual needs to achieve products that meet customer requirements. This technology can quickly establish one's own brand, and also greatly shorten the development cycle, reduce costs, and quickly upgrade to enter the market, making its competitiveness in the market last longer.

    Benefit from the innovation and upgrade of PCB copy board for low-voltage electrical appliances in smart grid

    In 2017, the construction of smart grid has entered an important period, and smart complete sets of equipment, smart power distribution, and control systems will also usher in a golden period of development. In particular, the new generation of energy-saving, material-saving, and high-performance low-voltage electrical products will get greater development, and the market demand will become increasingly strong, providing the necessary market conditions for intelligent upgrades. According to the corresponding power distribution equipment needed for newly added power generation equipment during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, as well as the needs of replacement and maintenance of existing power equipment, it is expected that universal circuit breakers, plastic case circuit breakers, miniature circuit breakers, AC contactors, thermal The demand for products such as relays and leakage circuit breakers will reach more than 200 million units. This will provide a broad development space for low-voltage electrical PCB copy boards, and it will also require continuous innovation to make the "smart core" bigger and stronger!